Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jockey Ridge Dunes - Outerbanks, NC

Jockey Ridge is the tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. And, it was a five minute drive from the home we were renting so it was a must-see while we were there.
We chose an overcast morning to visit the park, thinking that the sand wouldn't be hot from the sun. We were right: the sand wasn't hot, but we also endured a downpour that was slated as a slight 30% chance! No one but Annalyse seemed to mind the rain. I think folks on the other side of the dunes and beyond were able to hear her wails.
It had rained the evening before so the sand was somewhat hardened and packed, making the dune climb much easier. While the short minute running down the dune was a blast, the climb up was not. It didn't matter to my boys - they went up and down several times.
My sis-in-law and husband won the award for huffing and puffing with an extra load - while still smiling! My SIL carried a 15 pound baby and Grady carried a 25 pound two-year old. I carried my camera to document things, so clearly I had other important priorities and was unable to help them.
Up and down, up and down! Happy kids with energy enjoying some beautiful creation. In fact, both of my boys will tell you their favorite part of our week at the beach was our time at the sand dunes. I think it's one of my favorite memories, too. Such simple fun in God's world.
The overcast sky became a rainy sky, but not before we had a chance to fly some kites and enjoy the views.
On your mark... Get set... GO!!
And then a long hike back up to do it all over again. Next time I think we need to rent sand boards or hang gliders - the thrill of going down would be that much greater to motivate for a return trip back up to the top! 


  1. one of our most favorite places! someday we will do it together :)