Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wandering in the Circumstance

Do you ever feel like life is happening at a whirlwind pace and yet the days seem very long? Do you ever think that you're failing miserably at the tasks before you while simultaneously listening to others affirm you in your efforts? Do you ever want to shrink under the weight of all the responsibility you own while knowing that you really need to climb higher and push harder?
I do. Not often, but still, sometimes I do.

Opposites collide in the confusion of emotions and the pressures of life and the reality of decisions. It's easy to get frustrated, discouraged, and even resentful. What's not so easy is choosing contentment. And that's right where I am now.
I'm down so deep, and yet so high,
I'm standing still, while passing by.

I'm going over, going through,
My world is black, no path in view.

Dear God help, reach out your hand.
I know it's strange, but understand.

You've given all and provided much.
And yet somehow I've lost your touch.

I am lost, but hopeful, too,
Please give Your love to show me through.

- Unknown


  1. Time to think about basics. Not so much the question "What is my next mountain?" but "Isn't it a vast journey that I have already made?". Less about "How in the world will I ever be able to do that?" and more "Look at all that God has allowed me to accomplish". "Grace has brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home.". - John Newton

    What God assigns you to do God will enable you to get done. Aways remember your family loves you.

    Can't wait for my hug!

  2. Paul says that he "learned" the secret of being content. i think it is a journey. sometimes God makes us restless for a reason, sometimes it is because we need to move and sometimes it is because we need to just rest in Him and be still. i will pray that you will have peace and be overwhelmed by His incredible love. and btw i do think you are fabulous. as my mom always says, "don't be so hard on yourself :)"

  3. I agree that contentment is more of a choice than a "feeling" we wait for. It is a discipline required of us as we wait upon Him and allow His Spirit to work through us. Praying that while you go through this season - His presence will be near you. Love you!