Monday, August 13, 2012

Thinking Through What's Next

I've got a few questions for you. Wanna share your thoughts? You don't have to out loud. Or, I mean, out in the open and on the screen for everyone. But I encourage you to think through some of these and answer them in your head, at least. 

I've discovered that seasonal changes are a great time to reflect on what I've been doing in order to help me determine if I should keep doing those things or if I need to alter some things. A few simple questions have helped me do that - and maybe they'll help you, too.

1. Now that summer is (for most) coming to an end, what is one more must-do family activity on your list?

2. What has been your favorite memory this summer?

3. With school almost underway, what are some of your child-specific goals? Family-specific goals?

4. What have you been most thankful for this summer?

5. Between now and the insanity of November and December, what family-focused activities have you planned and set time aside for?

6. Who can you intentionally encourage/assist/serve this Fall season? How can you include your kids in that?

7. What do you need to change about your daily routine and personal habits to give God and your family your best?

8. What will you do to grow your mind and challenge your thinking this Fall?

What's that? You want my answers? Sure, I'll share them. But not until you've had some time to answer them for yourself, first.

Happy Pondering!


  1. Well since you asked:) When it comes to family time God has blessed me with the most incredible man ever. This weekend he has planned a crazy mountain picnic, apple picking, gem mining, waterfall visit. And while this sounds amazing, I think it may be trumped by my expectation of my favorite summer memory, the VERY soon coming, birth of our daughter.

    And as far as fall routines go, I am looking forward to CBS once again and being able to set aside a few hours each week to not only ponder the word of the Lord but to worship and share and delve into it with other women.

    And as for the rest of the questions, what wonderful food for thought! Can't wait to see your answers:)

  2. Here are my answers:
    1. The one more must-do activity (even though I'm wishing it wasn't a "must-do")is that we have to drive Lindsay and Caleb to college tomorrow and make sure that Heather is settled in to her new "home".
    2. Favorite memory: Definitely our vacations (Nassau for Lindsay's 21st and most definitely our Myrtle Beach trip watching Lindsay and Brad get engaged).
    3. Family specific goals: To pray every day! To be aware that Jesus is ever-present and striving to do and please him with our words and actions.
    4. I have been most thankful to have a hard-working husband who, after his relationship with the Lord, puts his family first!! For 3 children who love the Lord, work hard, save their money, tithe (I could go on and on). Very thankful to have been a stay-at home mom (even when my husband went in to full-time ministry and I had to work it was when the kids were in elementary/middle school and I could work part-time to be home when they came home from school).
    5. Family focused activities: Basically making every minute count. Looking forward to the weekends that my kids come home to visit. Oh, and our family cruise we will take in November with our kids and their friends.
    6. Continuing to pour into the hearts of couples and love and serve our next door neighbor who lives alone.
    7. I need to put my Bible study/prayer time first. Less time on the computer/facebook/pinterest/kindle "Words with Friends", etc. Have been convicted about the amount of time I spend on these things.
    8. This fall, I hope to take a Bible Study at church. I'm rarely able to do that with my work schedule.
    Thankful that as my husband and become empty nesters tomorrow, we have poured our lives into our kids and taught them the most important thing in life is their relationship with the Lord and memories with family!