Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Simply Beautiful

Stomping and splashing: Beautiful.
Eager excitement: Beautiful.
Soaking wet: Beautiful.
Jumping high: Beautiful.
Tentative but willing: Beautiful.
Soaked and dripping: Beautiful.
Catching drops: Beautiful.
Racing and chasing: Beautiful.
Watching and content: Beautiful.
Exploring and collecting: Beautiful.
Summer rainstorms: Simply beautiful.


  1. Your posts & your pictures always make me smile!!
    It was a great rainstorm today!!

  2. I heart a good rainstorm! Playing in the rain is THE BEST!!!

  3. Coffee...snuggling...fuzzy blankets...beautiful! :-)
    Love your pictures...and your sweet kids that make such cute pictures!
    Next time can I see YOU jumping around in the puddles...I know you were! Ha!