Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Strike! Spare? Maybe Just a Couple.

After a full morning of school - that also involved several floor puzzles because Grady Lee got a roll and didn't want to stop until they were all done - as well as several loads of laundry, the kids and I hopped in the car for an afternoon of bowling. 

This is the last week of free summer bowling for kids and I wanted to take advantage of it. Besides, the last time we went Annalyse wasn't yet walking and I couldn't wait to see her don some oh-so-cute bowling shoes. 
Miss Outta-My-Way-Cause-I'm-Coming-Through had no inhibitions about shoving her ball down the lane. In fact, she howled when I wouldn't let her carry it and lift it to the stand.
Grady Lee has the strangest gallop and skip and hop routine each time before he drops his ball. Someone has really got to teach that kid some proper form before that embarrassing dance of his becomes a habit. Unfortunately, I was busy keeping Annalyse away from other bowling balls and decided it was more fun to watch Grady Lee's interesting form rather than correct it.
Micah is a character - in all areas - to watch. He doesn't stop talking. He is full of off-the-wall one liners. He thinks he is way better at bowling than he actually is and isn't afraid to pump his fist in a "yeessssss" sort of motion when all his ball manages to knock over is a single pin.
Have I mentioned before that I love being with my kids? And that they are some of the funniest little people I know?