Friday, July 13, 2012

The Simple Things

1. Enjoying spring-like weather in the middle of July: clouds, rain, cooler temps.
2. Watching my kids play in water: the rain, the pool, the bathtub.
3. Eating summer treats: watermelon, ice cream cones, grilled burgers.
What about you - what Simple Things did you appreciate this week?


  1. Okay, that ballerina tutu bathing suit, I smile every time I see your sweet girl wearing it...DARLING!
    And that snuggle pic of you & Micah...PRECIOUS!
    I, too, am so thankful for water!! We pulled out the slip-n-slide today (would you believe for the first time this summer!) and the kids had a blast! Simple joys, for sure!

  2. Spending two hours of uninterrupted, deep, encouraging, refreshing conversation with two people I love dearly! :-) That is what I am most thankful for this week...