Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Years Old!

Guess who is a newly-crowned six year old?

It's true: it was just the other day Grady Lee was teeny tiny and dependent on me for everything. But somehow, in six (very short) years he's changed into a tough-stuff, very tall, very smart, very curious, and very active little man!
Grady Lee, this past year has been a busy one with a lot of learning and transition. But you know what? You've taken it one step at a time and done great. You've learned to ride a bike and swim. You can read well and rattle off answers to basic addition. You're taking big strides in speech lessons and are working hard on managing sensory responses and impulse control.
You are still an animal loving, tree climbing, mud seeking, ball kicking, truck racing kind of boy - and I don't see that changing anytime soon! You spend more time outside than you do inside. You know more about animals and insects than I think I ever will. And, at just six years old, you're way better at dribbling a basketball, hitting a baseball, and kicking a soccer ball than I am. But for the record: I can still run faster than you!
I love you, Buddy, and I'm proud of you. My heart smiles when I see you wanting to learn God's Word, spend time at church, listen to worship music, memorize verses, and pray for friends all over the world. I love to listen to you pray and think you're right on par with Chris Tomlin when you sing your heart out.
I've prayed Psalm 119:9-11 for you for as long as I can remember and I'll keep on praying it for you. How can Grady Lee keep his way pure? By living according to God's word. By seeking God with all your heart. By obeying God's commands. And by hiding God's word in your heart.

Happy 6th Birthday Buddy!


  1. Happy Birthday Grady LeeEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I love you little buddy!!!

  2. Six years already??? My how the years are flying by! Grady Lee is a precious, wonderful guy & we are glad to know him! Hope that he had a super fantastic birthday!