Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Want To Be A Kid Again

I want to be a kid again. Birthdays are way more fun when you're a kid.
You wake up to balloons and presents and whatever you want for breakfast.
You have impromptu play dates with friends and cupcakes to share.
You get presents. Lots of presents.
And the anticipation of what's inside each gift is grueling! 
Tearing gift wrap and ripping packages open is a total adventure. 
Come on, you remember. Opening gifts to find toys you really wanted. Because when you're old it's always gifts that are boring, like clothes and potholders and bath salts.
I'm telling you, I want to be a kid again. Birthday presents are way more exciting when you're a kid.
And when you're a kid you have an arsenal of new toys to use ASAP. It's not a figurine that goes on a shelf or a kitchen gadget that gets stuck in a cabinet.
You're the total center of attention and are doted on my parents and siblings. You're told you're cute and growing so fast and the most wonderful thing that's ever happened. You can't quite label the feeling you have, but in years to come you realize it's a million bucks that you feel like.
When you're a kid, arcade games are fun. If there's a light or a buzz or a gas pedal it's cool.
When you're a kid you're not bummed that it's raining and the go-kart course is closed because you can still have simple and cheap fun with arcade games that spit out tickets for doing next to nothing.
You're on cloud nine when Dad invites you to race and you think you actually won even though it's totally obvious he let you win.
You are content to play the same game again and again. And again and again because, after all, the tickets are popping out so clearly you're a rock star and totally a winner.
When you're a kid, it's fun to watch Dad slug slow-pitch softballs because you think he's the strongest man you've ever seen.
It's even more fun when Dad hands you the bat, gives some one-on-one coaching, and then lets you try.
It's okay if you swing and miss because you've got a huge fan base behind you cheering you on.
And, since you're still a kid you're not embarrassed by your Mom's super loud whooping and hollering.
Remember those go-karts that were closed because of the rain? When you're a kid you get caught up in the moment of whatever it is you're doing and are content to do that one thing. Being happy is relatively easy because you forget about other options and choices.
When you're a kid everything is new and exciting and adventurous. You want to look and touch and understand. Even standing back and watching is fun.
When you're a kid, birthday cake is way more fun. No nuts. No fruit. No dainty bites. Just 100% pure sugary yumminess.
You can use your hands to show how old you are. No double-digits. No pretending you're on the up side of the hill when really you've already started heading down the other side. 
You can relish an off-key round of Happy Birthday because all you care about is the cake in front of you and the fact that all eyes are on you. 
I totally want to be a kid again. Birthdays are just way more fun when you're a kid.


  1. what a great day!! happy birthday! how can he already be 6?! crazy how time flies, but i guess that's because i'm am now old :)

  2. Love this post & you have captured it SO well! Oh to be a kid again & see things & experience things the way they do! Looks like the birthday celebrations were lots of fun & perfect for a big 6 year old boy! I love the exuberance in every picture! Birthday blessings to Grady Lee!

  3. Aw, happy birthday Grady Lee! I remember when he was born and am so thrilled to see the boy he's grown up to be. May God continue to pull him toward Himself this year!

    And what cool cupcakes.