Monday, April 2, 2012

18 Months!

Annalyse Joy is 18 months. Eighteen months of darling smiles, feisty independence, spunky intrigues, and ornery pouts. I don't think it's possible to love this little pink thing anymore than I already do, but I'm sure in the next 18 months I'll discover that I can.
For the record, since Grandma will want to know, you are 22.7 pounds (25th percent) and 32 inches (75th percent). No different than your brothers: tall and thin. As the pediatrician said, "Giraffe's give birth to giraffes," so there you have it.
You're not saying many words, but I'm attributing that to having two brothers that dote on you hand and foot. You cry and they come running. Your grunt and they start handing you things. You point and they do the talking. Your tactics, while sometimes cute, don't usually work with me. I'm just fine listening to you whine until you decide to make some semblance of a word like "drink" or "more" or "down." I know, I'm mean like that, but I promise it's for your own good.
You love, love, love looking at books. You carry them with you around the house. You push them in your doll stroller. You sit in your rocker and look at them. I couldn't be happier and I hope your interest in pictures and words keeps developing.
A few other things to note about this phase in your tiny life. You are a picky eater, meaning I can't remember the last time you picked up a vegetable and ate it, but if I hide it in fruit or applesauce you don't even notice. You roll meat around your mouth and then promptly spit it out, which means I'm giving you cheese all the time to compensate for the protein you need. You don't like juice, which is a-okay with me. You love popsicles and graham crackers. Bubble baths scare you and you cry and scream to get out. You whine when I plop you on the grass or in the sandbox barefoot, but when I ignore you for a few minutes you finally get over the tickly feeling and go on with playing.

Annalyse Joy, you've got a smile that melts my heart and a will that challenges my heart. In our home of loud and rough boys, you're a precious addition to help even things out. I love you, baby girl, and am so proud to be your mom!

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  1. Genius in the making...keep loving books, sweet girl...and you might turn out to be a fabulous writer like your momma! Beautiful, sweet Annalyse...such a precious girl for a precious family!