Saturday, March 31, 2012

G-Parent Visit: Part 3

This is it - I promise. No more pics and no more stories about my parents visiting. You know, the visit that was over a week ago but that I keep going on and on about? Yeah, the one that has turned into a three part adventure series? I'm all done now. No really, I am.

We spent a fun day at Kings Mountain - hiking, picnicking, exploring, and learning a thing or two about the Revolutionary War battle fought there.
This little gem of a park and museum was a quick 30 minutes from home but a place we hadn't yet visited. Since my dad is one of the biggest history buffs you'll meet, this time was as good as any to go check it out. 
I have many memories as a kid standing in the middle of a field and staring at a maker explaining that years and years ago the course of history was altered because of such and such a battle during such and such a time. My dad would read the maker with tears, literally, as he imagined the sights and sounds of what happened so long ago. My brothers and I, however, were frantically swatting flies, wiping sweat, and asking if it was time to move on and get lunch. I'm exaggerating slightly, but thankfully my boys looked at this historical site as a big outdoor playground and didn't nag to leave.
I actually really enjoy history, too, and my boys have no idea what's in store for them in another couple of years. Homeschooling will take on a whole new meaning as we caravan around the state visiting battlefield markers and log cabins. I'm giddy already. They'll walk around with their coonskin cap and backwoods-style cork gun. Annalyse will follow close behind donning a bonnet and wearing an apron.
Look at that - I'm way off course. I've bunny-trailed from my parents visiting to our outdoor hike to my dad's historical genius to my ridiculous plans of introducing history to my kids. It's these kind of moments when Grady tells me my brain works like spaghetti - it weaves and wanders wherever it pleases; whereas his brain works like waffles - very compartmentalized and specific.
After a very full and very fun day at Kings Mountain, we came home to relax. Well, my parents and I wanted to relax. Grady Lee, however, was begging to play Wipeout on KBox but I nixed that idea right away. No way did any of us have energy to jump around!
My mom kept the boys entertained with relaxing fun instead: dying Easter eggs and playing board games. Thank goodness for grandma who will play endless rounds of the same mind-numbing game over and over. And over.
My kids have no idea how blessed they are to have the grandparents they do. A grandma who will sit in the sandbox and dig with them. A grandpa who will roll on the ground and wrestle with them. A grandma who has endless creativity for crafts and games - and endless patience to accompany those efforts. A grandpa who gives his precious vacation time to drive south and play with three full-of-energy kids.
It goes without saying that Tuesday morning had teary goodbyes. It's partly Grady Lee's fault though. I mean, really, did he have to suggest we "all hold hands and pray before we say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa?" Kleenexes were passed. Hugs were given. Goodbyes were said. And then they drove away. Far, far away.


  1. Oh jeeze, thanks a lot Grady Lee, now I have tears in my eyes!!!!! I love your parents. Landon and I are so blessed to have them in our lives. I could only smile and nod my head reading this...your parents are so great with their grandkids. Your mom...has patience I could only dream of having! And your's so cute walking in to pick up Landon and he's on the floor playing trains with him. I thank God all the time for putting people like them...and our lives. :)

  2. Yep...crying again Sarah. LOVE your parents. I cant wait to imitate them with my own grandchildren! Yes patiently will wait. Can Annalyse and her mommy be any cuter? I think not!!! :)