Thursday, March 29, 2012

G-Parent Visit: Part 2

My parents are one in a million. Nope, one in ten million. Since the day my dad walked me down the aisle to Grady, my parents have chosen to step back and let Grady lead me in all areas. They don't offer opinions unless they're asked and they don't give advice unless it's sought. They do, however, offer incredible encouragement and give amazing support for the things Grady and I care most about, namely, our kids, our church, and our ministry goals. My parents ask questions because they care. They offer prayers because they believe. And they give support because they're fully on our team.

One in ten million, for sure.
My dad has a a shepherds heart with a teachers knowledge and a leaders passion. Because he's a gifted teacher and always eager to serve the church, Grady asked him if he'd be interested in teaching the college class we lead at our church. My dad jumped at the chance and, like we knew he would, he spoke with enthusiasm and conviction.
This is a 30 minute clip, but if you've got time (or want to make the time), I encourage you to listen. Don't listen just cause I'm a proud daughter, but listen because you will hear biblical perspective on wisdom and the subtle demise of compromise. A timely message for everyone everywhere.
After a full morning at church and a fun lunch with several of our college friends, it was time for some intense family competition on the Kinect. I saw sweat. I heard shouts. And I think I even saw tears, or maybe it was just the glisten of all that sweat. Regardless, it was a fun afternoon that left a couple of us, who shall remain nameless, sore the next day.
My mom is always anxious to see what new things the boys are learning and doing, so she was thrilled when Grady Lee wanted to read some stories to her. She was equally as excited when Micah wanted to rattle off addition tables, but once he started getting into the "What's the highest number after infinity?" and "What is a million plus twenty-seven plus fourteen plus six thousand?" kind of questions, her excitement waned.
Annalyse is always eager for attention and if she's not getting it, she'll do what it takes to find it. Maybe that involves donning a tutu, or trying to share her snack, or just forcing her little self up on to someone's lap. The girl is good, though, because she can usually cause or find attention when she wants it most.
My parents wanted to treat our family for dinner and since my dad is a fan of a good burger, he suggested Five Guys since their home in Michigan doesn't have any. I'm all about whatever means I'm not cooking, and really, are there better fries anywhere?
In keeping with the tradition my parents started three years ago when my dad built the boys a sandbox in our backyard, they took my boys to Home Depot to buy several bags of sand to fill the box back up. Each spring they load the sandbox up with fluffy sand and I can assure you, the investment in those sand bags is well spent considering the hours and hours my boys play in it. Sure it gets tracked into the house, yeah I have to sweep the floors an extra time or two during the week, and most definitely I have extra laundry each week. But it is 100 and 10 percent worth it for the creative and active outlet it gives my boys.
A fantastic ending to a fantastic day: marshmallows by the fire. Granted, it was fairly windy and the smoke was swirling everywhere, but that aside, it was a fun way to end the day. And Micah was especially happy and had been asking since before my parents arrived if we "could roast marshmallows and tell stories by the fire?"
Sigh. Such a fun time together. Those of you who live close to family, you don't fully appreciate the gift you have until you are without them. I promise you that.


  1. Ah, happiness & contentment, that is what I read in this post! Sounds like a beautiful Sunday!
    And speaking of beautiful, you look GORGEOUS in that blue dress! LOVE it! Wish I had seen you on Sunday to tell you in person!
    And I hope to hop back over soon to listen to your dad's teaching. What an awesome & godly heritage!

  2. Aww Sarah i love you guys and I love that big brother of mine! I find myself thinking more and more "I think Im becoming my brother." He has such a soft heart and is not ashamed to show his tears when he is passionate about something or just moved by something. I find myself in tears just about every sunday either during a worship chorus or after the message. Oh well if this means im becoming like my brother i guess thats a good thing because he is an awesome example of a godly man and I couldnt be more proud of him. I am so glad that you were able to spend time with them this last weekend. I know I miss you guys but am glad that I can at least share in your fun stories by reading your blog. Love you all and have a great weekend. Hope to see you this summer if you make it home. Give everyone hugs and kisses from me.

  3. This post made me so emotional. I pray that as we are teaching, discipling, loving, and encouraging our kids...they will grow to have this relationship with us. And that we will be to them what our parents are to us. So glad you have such amazing parents, Sarah, sure does explain a lot! :-)
    PS Dress looks almost as good in picture as in person. And is that a pathway reader I see???