Wednesday, March 28, 2012

G-Parent Visit: Part 1

My parents came to visit this past weekend and I have way too many pictures and way too many stories and way too many memories. They left yesterday and I'm trying to organize my thoughts so I can capture and remember our time together. With visits few and far between, each chance to laugh and talk together is special!

They arrived on Friday and my kids pushed and shoved to be the first one for hugs and kisses. They love their Grandpa and Grandma, and their grandparents love them a hundred times more.
They arrived on my birthday and brought gifts and cake. I was so happy with the plush, soft, thick bathroom towels my parents gave me, but Grady Lee was concerned and asked me later if I "was sad that Grandma only got me boring towels for my birthday?" Compared to dump trucks and race cars, towels are pretty boring I guess.
And, although Grady's birthday isn't until mid-April, my parents thought it best to celebrate his birthday early. My boys were super excited to see his new XBox game and were immediately asking if they could have the first turn to play. Wait a minute, why weren't they asking to be first and try out my new towels?
But those weren't the only gifts! Grandpa and Grandma had special books and an outdoor paddle ball game for the kids.
It never matters what the gift is, I think my kids are most excited about having their grandparents for a few days of nonstop fun and spoiling.
After some happy birthday cake and ice-cream, we called it an early night. My parents had left Michigan at 4:00 am and drove 13 hours straight to our home in North Carolina. That, friends, is love. And that, friends, is sacrifice.
We woke to rain and thunder on Saturday morning so the boys playing soccer was out of the question. My parents were bummed they didn't get to see their little men run around and play, but it didn't take long to come up with Plan B for a fun morning.

We spent a couple of hours at Discovery Place - mostly watching the kids explore and have fun, but also watching my dad get in on some action, too.

I'm not sure if I should call these three guys handsome or if I should turn and run the other way because they have that don't-mess-with-me kind of look. 

The museum was busy because it was a Saturday and because it was raining, but we took our time let the boys choose where we explored.
Annalyse enjoyed doing her thing and running in whatever direction was opposite from where the rest of us usually wanted to go. Unless she's eating, she prefers to walk rather than observe from her stroller. Always independent. Usually feisty. Sometimes cute.
After a full morning inside, we decided to walk a few blocks for some Yoforia and celebrate the end of Grady Lee's Kindergarten year. Grady Lee had asked several weeks ago if "we could have ice cream with all the toppings we want when Grandpa and Grandma come to visit."
We'd originally planned to take everyone after the boys soccer game, but Grady found a Yoforia in Uptown and it was the perfect lunch after our morning out.
Annalyse licked her bowl dry! Well, whatever wasn't already on her shirt or stroller seat. 
And this tough-stuff First Grader enjoyed a crazy combination of every fruity flavor Yoforia offered! And, I can assure you this kid didn't spill a drop and that he was the first one done. He sort of blocks out all distraction and zones in on the task at hand when it comes to eating!
All these pictures later, and I'm just to Saturday afternoon. G-Parent Visit: Part 2 will come later... right now I need to fold laundry and answer emails and schedule some appointments and make dinner. And I should probably go get Annalyse out of her bed - I think she's been crying for a while now. Oops.


  1. I always LOVE the posts when your parents visit! They are packed full of joy & fun times! All of the pics are great, but that first one of your mom with Annalyse is heartwarming! I also love the ones of the tug-o-war at Discovery Place! So glad that you guys had an awesome visit, I know that every minute of the time your parents are here is precious!

  2. Seriously, if I didn't have an email sitting in my inbox showing my parents confirmed tickets to come next week...I would be bawling my eyes out!!! But thankfully - I do...and they are...but I still did tear up a bit. Parents are such blessings and the time spent with us and our children is gone in a moment but treasured forever! I'm so glad you guys had a good time!
    PS Good job, Grady Lee!!! Congrats on finishing Kindergarten!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful visit with your parents. What a blessing :)