Friday, February 10, 2012

The Simple Things

1. Pink laundry lint. I'm not even kidding. A year and a half later, and I still smile when I take Annalyse's laundry out of the dryer.

2. God-given motivation. I've been tired and somewhat down this week. I don't know why - no particular reason - I just have. Regardless of how I felt, though, I still had an endless list of things to get done and to manage. I'm thankful that even when I am not strong, He is. And I'm thankful that in spite of how I feel, He enables me to choose joy and make the most of difficult moments.

3. Shopping online. Can you even remember what it was like when you had to actually go to the store for everything? Pfshh - gone are those days! I'm thankful that I can order school supplies, gifts, groceries, toiletries, and most anything else with the click of a couple keys. I did a lot of shopping this week while wearing my robe and drinking coffee.

What about you - what Simple Things did you appreciate this week?


  1. That first one makes me smile. I remember how excited you were that Annalyse was a girl and love all of your posts about how special she is to you.

    And, yes, those days where you know the strength is not your own are pretty wonderful. Praise God! I'll pray for more of that for you today as you finish off the week.

    Oh, I am thankful for a friend watching Hamilton and Veronica so we could attend Founder's Week for the first time since having kids! (and, we get to go back again tonight!!!!)

  2. Yeah for pink laundry lint!! She's just precious Sarah! And a BIG Amen to online shopping - ordered 2 pairs of shoes, toiletries & booked a hotel this week and saved money to boot!

    Simple thing this week: Thankful that I was able to be home with sick kiddos for the last 7 days - and didn't have to worry about missing work :)

  3. I wish there were "Like" buttons on everything! I'm thankful for friends who take the time to notice & be thankful for the little things because it encourages me to do so, too!
    Right now, I'm thankful for a nice fire that I built burning in the fireplace making our house all warm & cozy...and for a friend bringing Darcy home from preschool today, so I can let the little ones take a good nap!