Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy but Slow

Jeepers creepers. It's already Thursday evening. This week has been busy but slow at the same time. 
Busy because life with three kids will do that. Busy because homeschooling will do that. Busy because ministry commitments will do that. Busy because, well, because life in general will do that.

(Can someone please give this child a haircut? Somehow that errand got squeezed out. And, yes, that is vinegar and baking soda on my kitchen counter again. You'd be surprised how many science tricks you can concoct with that stuff.)
And this week has been slow because folding laundry for the umpteenth time will do that. Slow because going over how to tell time and how to tie your shoes everyday will do that. Slow because waiting on God to answer prayers and watching life unfold in the meantime will do that. Slow because, well, because life in general will do that.
Do you ever marvel that your kids can make your heart melt in an instant because they are so dog-gone darling? And do you wonder how in the very next moment your heart can weep because you see a little will that wants to battle?

(And thank you Mrs. Juli for cleaning out your game closet and passing on Boggle. Annalyse likes to shake-rattle-and-roll the cubes. And, sshhh, don't tell Grady Lee, but he's actually "doing school" when he plays this game.)
Little people are precious and little people are terrors. I had a friend mention the other day that she thinks "the reason so many moms go back to work after having kids is because it's easier to deal with business meetings and project deadlines than it is to dish out snacks, change diapers, and redirect toddler tantrums." She just might have a point.
I overheard a conversation while waiting in line this week and a woman was telling a friend about her upcoming divorce. "It's really no big deal and I think in the long run it'll be much easier," she said. "I haven't figured out how to explain this to my youngest yet, but I figure once she realizes Dad hasn't been here for a few days she'll ask questions. I think it's best for her to come to grips with this slowly."
Not only did I fight the urge to wipe tears, I fought the urge to turn around and pin this woman against the shelf with my cart and yell, "What are you thinking?! Not a big deal? Your family is ripping apart and it's no big deal? You want your youngest to figure things out on her own? Do you know - no really, do you know - where things are going at this pace?"
But I didn't say anything and I didn't do anything. My heart still hurts for this broken family that I've never met. The interesting thing is that it's re-reminded me (is re-reminded a word?) that no family is above brokenness. No family is above searing relational pain. Not even mine. My marriage and my family is a precious gift and I sure better keep a humble and dependent spirit before God.
Boy oh boy, have my boys had the chance to put into practice the latest verse we've learned as a family. Luke 6:31 says, "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Everything comes full circle. "Don't take the truck your brother is playing with unless you'd like him to take it from you while you're playing." "Don't close the door when he is walking through unless you'd like him to close it on you." "Why are you crashing into his Lego tower? Would you like him to do that to your tower?" "You know better than to laugh when he falls. How would you feel?"

My boys are each others bestest friend. Bestest. Best buddies and brothers? While that is a privilege it's also a recipe for some loud and rough mishaps. I've got my work cut out in trying to continually remind and teach the idea of preferring the other above himself. (Then again, I need to learn that lesson, too.)
Yeah, this week has been busy but slow at the same time. Busy being busy with life. Slow being slow in the day-to-day. 


  1. Can I just say you have beautiful children! I love the snapshots you take because they have so much life in them. I love Micah's furrowed brow of concentration while tracing the ship and Grady Lee's excitement at the reaction between baking soda and vinegar and Annalyse's smile while standing on the couch.

    And I hear you about busy and slow. It's the paradox of time in the life of a mother!

  2. Pretty much ditto everything what Jenny said! You capture such GREAT moments! I'm always wondering, how does Sarah get all these great pics...she must have a built in camera attachment somewhere on her arm!
    And totally can relate to the busy kind of slow...story of this season of my life! And I wouldn't have it any other way!