Thursday, December 1, 2011

Date Night(s)!

What are the odds of Grady being assigned to an inspection in Grand Rapids? What are the odds of him being assigned that inspection the week after Thanksgiving? The odds are next to none, but that's what happened and our family has enjoyed the extra week here with family and friends.
Grady checked into the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids this past Sunday evening and I joined him for a walk around the city, a lovely dinner out, and a relaxing evening in the hotel.
In fact, since my parents graciously offered to care for the kids each evening this week, I've been able to enjoy dinner out and a night away every night. I'm sorry, did you hear that? I didn't mean to be so loud. That's just the uncontrollable squeals that continue to escape me because of sheer joy for a week of nights out with just my husband! No highchairs. No booster seats. No crayons at dinner. No pack-n-plays in the hotel room. No demands for cartoons and popcorn in bed. Just plain old, boring, quiet, fun.
Grand Rapids is a far cry from the bustling cities Grady usually travels to, but after exploring the city together this week he commented that Grand Rapids actually surprised him with some of the buildings and restaurants downtown. Nope, no theater district. Nope, no glitzy shopping. Nope, no good transit system. But, wonderful heated walkways that connect various buildings so you don't have to walk in the wind and rain to get places!
I felt quite pampered and polished eating appetizers and desserts from the concierge lounge whenever I wanted. But then I looked around the room and realized everyone else was in snazzy business suits with iPads, and I was in sneakers and jeans after a day of running around with my mom and the kids. My appearance didn't fit the bill, but man-oh-man, did I enjoy it nonetheless!
It's always fun to walk into a posh hotel wearing sneakers and carrying an overnight duffle bag while biting a glove so that you can reach into the depths of your purse and come up with a couple of bucks to tip the valet. It's especially nice when there is a black tie event happening in a ballroom just off the hotel lobby and you need to walk through a mix of glamorously dressed ladies en route to the elevators.
Your attention please. I have discovered how to clear a head cold in mere seconds. Simply step into a eucalyptus steam room and your eyes will shed tears and your nose will run and your lungs will clear. Mere seconds, people, mere seconds.
But all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow Grady finishes up his assignment here in Grand Rapids, and Saturday morning our family loads the van to begin the long trip home. Thankfully our trip is broken into two parts and we'll be visiting college friends in Ohio for a night.
Fancy dinners (without sippy cups), wonderful accommodations (without children jumping on the beds), quiet city walks (without a stroller or wiggling hand to hold), sleeping in (and through the night, for that matter)... reality is back in T minus 24 hours...


  1. Awesome! So glad you've gotten to enjoy it! Did you ever look at eachother and say, "Now what?" :)

  2. How FUN! What a treat!!! It is almost like a second honeymoon! I am so happy for you two. Blessings!

  3. SERIOUSLY???????????? I am so super happy for you friend! You deserve this little break. Soak it up. Soak up the time with your husband. Soak up the quietness. Soak up your family. THEN COME HOME!!! :-)

  4. You have AWESOME parents!!!! What a wonderful gift!! I know you have enjoyed an amazing week! God is SO good!