Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Museum and Lights

We've been in Michigan for a week and a half already. Each day has been full of visiting family and friends and seeing new things and doing fun activities. My mom allows for downtime, but in the same breath will say, "I only get my grandkids for a handful of days each year so we're going to make the most of them!" 
And then off we go. We are, for sure, making the most of each day. The boys were excited to visit a museum today and I was excited that there were no crowds and we could meander at our own pace without interrupting school groups.
Grady Lee said to me at one point, "Mom, I'm going to be pretty smart, you know, because of all the museums we go to!" It's true: we visit a lot of museums fairly regularly. And I suppose it's true he may be learning a thing or two even though most of our visits involve running from thing to thing instead of taking our time to actually read and look.
We watched a few real-life demonstrations of life back in the mid-1800's. Mr. Printing Press gave the boys bookmarks with some neat pictures he printed for them.
Mr. Woodcarver demonstrated how some tools and machines worked to cut and shape wood. Then, handed the boys a small toy top (which Micah thought was an acorn), and handed it to them to keep if they could promise to share. Both boys nodded yes and in seconds were squabbling over who got to carry it in. Little sinners.
We investigated money to determine counterfeit, we learned about how machines work, and we learned how to beat a drum to call the troops together for battle. Grady Lee asked why the "army can't just use a phone to call everyone together?" Cell phones in the Civil War... that may have changed a thing or two I suppose.
See the blue glass building behind Annalyse? That's the JW Marriott that Grady is in this week. The boys are itching for my promise to venture over there to swim and eat later this week. More on that later.
We wandered the animal exhibits for a long time. The boys liked touching fur and pushing buttons to hear birds chip, and Annalyse liked doing everything she possibly could to copy her brothers. If they climbed, she tried to. If they pushed a button, she had to. If they stood on a stool, she wanted to. Miss Feisty Independent is in for some big lessons if she thinks this is how it's always going to be.
 After seeing all the exhibits, Grandma had a small treat in store for the kids...
... a ride on the carousal! It doesn't matter where they are or how many times they've ridden a carousal, each time is a new experience and always a guarantee of five minutes of quiet happiness.
Remember I said Grandma has a never-ending idea list stuck up her sleeve? Onward to enjoy Nite Lites... thousands and thousands of Christmas lights arranged around the Whitecaps baseball stadium!
No snow to make it feel truly Christmasy, but there also wasn't rain so I can't complain. The boys ooohed and aaahed over each arrangement. The drive started off with permission to take their seat belts off so they could stand up to better see the lights, and before the drive ended they were somehow both in the front trying to sit on my lap.
After lap number one, the boys begged for lap number two so off Grandpa went. Annalyse, however, had lost interest in the lights several displays back and instead enjoyed the chance to walk around the van. Yes, I said walk around the van. Sshhhh, don't tell.
So now that we've decorated a tree, made ornaments, opened some gifts, and taken a drive to see lights, I guess we're officially into the Christmas spirit. Wait, nope, not quite. Grandma has just suggested to the boys that they make and decorate cookies tomorrow. And that would be the next fun idea up her sleeve...


  1. loving all of these posts! What a blessed time, Sarah : )

  2. I agree with Pamela! And I love that you being able to post so regularly likely means you are getting some moments of quiet (with a big cup of coffee?) too.