Sunday, October 2, 2011

Full and Fun Fall Weekend

October has begun, the calendar says Fall is here, and everything around me shows it's true. I love - really, really love - Fall. The smells. The colors. The activities. The tastes. The temperatures. Everything.

My boys have helped decorate my fridge with a couple different Fall projects. If you're a related Grandparent, be on the lookout for one of these beauties to show up in your mailbox.
Friday evening Grady and I joined about 100 other folks from our church to watch "Courageous." Have you seen previews for it? Don't bother - let me be the one to convince you to see it. A strong message and acting that, in my opinion, was a step up from "Fireproof." I'm not one to cry during movies, but I'm pretty sure that the majority of those in the theater were crying. Sobbing actually. In fact, a lady sitting close to me had the shaking shoulders kind of crying happening. The message was just that good... go see it.

Soccer season is in full-swing and both boys consider Saturday mornings the highlight of the week. Micah asks to sleep in his uniform and Grady Lee asks if almost everyday to go to the park and practice playing soccer. Unfortunately for them, I say no to both requests way more than I say yes.
Grady is coaching both boys this season, and even though Micah is technically too young for the team, he's holding his own and doing great.
While I'm busy cheering on the boys, Annalyse relishes in full attention from a handful of doting girls. I wish I had captured a picture of her smiling face - she is ear-to-ear grin right now and I could just tell she thought she was tough-stuff walking in between "the big girls."
After soccer, Grady and the boys worked in the yard while I met a college friend for lunch. No sooner did I get home and we were off for a birthday party. The birthday party of all birthday parties. Sorry, I have no pictures, but imagine a gorgeous outdoor wedding reception and you have a taste of the beautiful afternoon we enjoyed. No detail was overlooked.

Happy ONE Year to sweet Blythe, who has no choice in the matter: her mother and I have decided that Blythe and Annalyse will grow up as friends. With birthdays just a few days apart and Sundays and Wednesday evenings spent together, they are sure to be buddies... whether they want to be or not. (Ha!)

Today's weather was beautiful - the perfect Fall day in every way. We joined our church for a ground-breaking ceremony for the new addition being built. Families stood together at the site while various people led us in prayer and thanksgiving for God's provision. When our pastor said Amen at the end of his prayer, Micah, very loudly, yelled, "Aaaaammmmeeeennnn!" I'm not sure if he was amening to agree with the prayer or amening because he was glad the prayer was done. I'm leaning towards the latter, but who knows.

The kids came home to nap while Grady packed a suitcase and caught a plane to California. When everyone was rested, we headed back to church that evening to enjoy Family Day... food, games, and friends.
And, saving the best for last, I ended this Fall weekend with the first bubble bath of the season. I'm not one to relax in a hot tub while the air conditioner is blowing above me, so I take the summer months off. When October rolls around, you better believe there is a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my bathroom door several evenings a week.
I hope you enjoyed your Fall weekend and made time to be outside or laugh with family or eat something deliciously Fallish. If you didn't, make a point to do it this week. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Oh, I love Micah's adorable comment about sleeping in his soccer uniform, what commitment to the team! All of your pics from family day are precious! Looks like your family had a great time! I LOVE fall, too, & for the record I'm sipping warm apple cider with a dash (or three) of cinnamon right now!

  2. glad you joined us for family day! :-) Wish I had thought of that...nice bubble bath! Love your little guys playing soccer...its fun when we are playing back to back..then I can cheer for both teams! :-)