Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandpa and Oma

The Peeler Bed and Breakfast has full occupancy until the end of October. For some reason, extended family chose this fall as the "It's been so long since we've seen you all. Can we come visit?" My answer is, of course, yes. I need a reason to dust my baseboards and I want someone to help entertain my kids. It's a win-win for everyone.

Grandpa and Oma Peeler drove up from Florida to spend Wednesday through Monday with us. It was their first time meeting Annalyse and she took right to them. 
Oma kicked off her high heels and business suit in order to get down and dirty with the boys. She learned that sudden shrieks weren't anything alarming - just my boys pretending to make fire engine sounds. She realized that asking for a hug could have injury implications since my boys aren't usually into gentle neck squeezes. But she did it all with patience and a smile.
Annalyse has the sweetest disposition and continues to float from person to person without batting an eye. If someone wants to dote on her, she is happy to oblige. If someone wants to offer snacks, she is happy to accept.
So what, really, are Oma's good for? Concocting Lego creations: check.
Providing shoulders for optimal movie-watching comfort: check.
Offering cover from drizzle and wind: check.
(But, if Oma got distracted or side tracked, perhaps due to shivering fingers or chattering teeth, there were plenty of other friends to offer distraction from the cold temperatures and misty rain.)
The boys were excited for Oma to see them "play soccer and how fast I can run cause my cleats help me dig in the dirt!" Each had a couple of goals and ran around the field with a smile the whole time. Whew.
On Saturday, Grady and I offered Grandpa and Oma a break from the constant "Wanna play a game? Wanna go in the sandbox? Wanna take a bike ride? Wanna do play-doh?" and took the kids mini-golfing with our college group. Although they were invited to come, for some reason a quiet, calm hour alone with a book and cup of coffee sounded more appealing. Can't imagine why.
The boys had fun watching "the big guys" and tagging along with them. And, when they got bored of actual stroke counting and competition, they were content to "fish on the bridge and try to catch something huge for dinner!"
Since it's almost officially Fall, Grady Lee and I put together the season's first loaf of pumpkin bread. It will be the first of many, many, many to come. All things apples and all things pumpkin will move through my kitchen over the next couple of months. They smell too good and they taste too good this time of year!
Oma had to catch a plane early Sunday morning for a business trip and Grandpa left early Monday morning for his long drive back home. Thanks to both for taking the time to spend with our family!


  1. Whew, full fall weekend, check, but looks like it was such a special time with the grandparents! What a sweet Oma to cheer on the kids in the cold, misty weather we had on Saturday! Love the boys in their bright orange!! All of the pictures are adorable!

  2. Sarah Peeler, I love you! You are an amazing woman. I know you had a great time with Grady's parents. Is it not unreal the differences between boys and girls?? :) You and I must get together for coffee sometime...esp in this fall weather!!! The Vail's love you and I thank God for you and the heart that you and Grady pour into our college kids (btw, I LOVE the picture of you with my sweet girl)...