Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Birthday

My parents were in town visiting last week when Annalyse turned one. Last year at that time, they were here keeping my two boys alive and my home functioning while I recovered in a hospital for the better part of a week. 
Grandma chose some darling new clothes for the fall since 99% of what Annalyse already has for cold weather is way too large. On top of that, she hauled her sewing machine down here so that she could hem and alter several pants and skirts so the dear child has more than three outfit combinations that actually fit.
Annalyse wasn't sure what to do with the wrapping paper - not really interested in ripping it or chewing it or crinkling it. Just kind of hesitant and almost shy about the whole ordeal.
But, once gifts were opened and we sat her among them, she proudly held up a finger when we said, "Annalyse, how old are you?" Such a cutie. Such a sweetie.
Nope, not interested in hugs and kisses right now. Can't you see I have new toys to play with? Sheesh.
Grandma made the beautiful quilt she's sitting on. She made lovely quilts for my boys, and in keeping with the precedent she set, she made one for Annalyse as well. Only this one is much cuter and prettier and funner and darlinger. Ribbins. Pinks. Flowers.

I'm in no hurry to grow her up and move her to a big bed, but when the time comes, I will be in a hurry to get this beautiful quilt laid out!
First birthday party fail by me: no pictures of the candle and singing Happy Birthday. It's all on video, but no still pictures to capture the moment.

Fast forward to actually getting her hands on a cupcake and, well, she was not sure what to do. Squish it? Flip it? Poke it? Or how about just curl my lip and whine cause it's all so new and unfamiliar and everyone is staring at me and taking pictures?
After exploring and moving things around for a while, my sweet girl got a taste. Frosting in - and frosting out. She wasn't a fan of icing. My heart raced and I second-guessed if she was switched at birth: clearly she can't be my daughter and not like frosting!
After some coaxing, she got a few fistfuls into her mouth and I think she finally decided it wasn't so bad after all. By this time, I think her brothers had totally devoured their cupcakes and were licking their plates clean.

Annalyse made it crystal clear when enough was enough. No more. Not a single crumb more!
But before Grandma could usher Annalyse into a bath, Grady Lee planted a Happy Birthday kiss on his little sister... "because I love her and even though she's not a baby anymore she'll always be my little sister, right Mom?"
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for being here on my special day. You were here when I first came into the world and you were here to say I love you when I turned one. I love you both!
And, Grandma, my quilt is wonderful! I love it. Thanks for all the time and effort and patience you gave to put it together. Maybe, just maybe, you'll have to make another one someday for a little sister. You could do that, couldn't you?

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