Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12 Months!

One year ago today I met you face to face. I had spent nine months prior wondering what you'd look like, but one year ago I finally found out. 
One year ago you were tiny. You were cute. You were sweet. You were precious. And one year later, you are still tiny, cute, sweet, and precious. I loved you lots then. I love you even more now.
Your birthday happened in the most unexpected way. You were scheduled to arrive on September 28 at 9:00 am. God had other plans and in the wee hours of September 27 I knew that I was going to meet you earlier than expected.
Light contractions became heavy contractions. Mild discomfort became unbearable discomfort. And, since the doctors wanted to avoid labor, I knew each minute mattered as we hurried to get to the hospital.
Dad frantically packed while your brothers frantically ate breakfast while I frantically called to arrange help for them. Mrs. Julie and Mr. Bryan to the rescue: they dropped everything to meet us at the hospital and take your brothers for the day.

Grandpa and Grandma left Michigan at 4:00 am that morning to drive here, but the relief I felt knowing where your brothers were and who was caring for them in the meantime made the craziness of the unexpected day that much smoother.
You arrived at 9:48 am, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 19 inches. Little bits of dark hair. A loud cry. Long fingers. Long feet. Darling and beautiful and tender and sweet. Everything I could have wished for and everything I had prayed for. You were healthy. You were alert. You were here. You were mine to hold and kiss.

And one year later, I still can't stop holding you and kissing you.
You were named Annalyse Joy... Psalm 126:3 "The Lord has done great things and we are filled with joy."

You brought me great joy when I discovered you came to be. You brought me great joy when I discovered you were a girl. You brought me great joy when I first looked at you. And you'll always bring me great joy simply because you'll be mine and I'll be yours.

You and me... joyfully family because the Lord wonderfully formed you and graciously gave you to me.
At one year, you are taking steps, pointing at things you want, learning to hug your baby dolls, and enjoying food (a lot!). You sleep wonderfully, laugh easily, and interact with people delightfully. You have four teeth with two more that have just poked through. Your hair is wispy bits of auburn fluff. Your eye color has settled on hazel. You are long and thin - from your fingers to your toes - long and thin.
Analyse Joy, I love you sweetheart. Daddy loves you. Your big brothers love you. And we will always and forever love you.
Jesus loves you more than all of us. He loves you more than we ever could, even if we tried our hardest and hugged you the longest. And he always will. Forever and ever and ever. I pray fervently that your tender heart and precious mind will someday soon grasp that and never let go of that. He loves you. So, so much he loves you!
Happy One Year Birthday, Baby Girl!


  1. Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Annalyse Joy.

  2. Happy Birthday Annalyse Joy! You are too precious for words!!

  3. Okay, reading this with teary eyes! Beautiful words for your sweet, darling little JOY! Hope that you all have a fantastic day celebrating!

  4. Oh goodness, many tears, from this mom of a girl after boys - so sweet and precious - you and her!! Love you both - can't wait to see you in a few months even if just for brief moments.
    Carrie :)

  5. Sarah, She's is beautiful and I love the two bottom little teeth that are showing. Blessings to her for her birthday. Continue to enjoy her as she grows in the grace of the Lord.
    Christine Pfister