Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stars & Stripes Forever

Fourth of July weekend. I remember looking forward to The Fourth as a kid because our neighborhood had a fun parade with lots of candy and we could decorate our bikes. As I got older, it was "cool" to walk all over downtown with friends, get ice cream, enjoy the masses of people, listen to the bands, and watch fireworks. Although this past weekend didn't involve any of that, I think our family still made a few special memories.

Grady Lee informed me that we "don't have a flag hanging on our house like the neighbors and we need to get one." Instead, I suggested the boys kick off the weekend by painting their own flags. 
Yes, I'm well aware that there are not 13 stripes. Yes, I'm well aware that the stripes are not in the proper color order. And, yes, I'm well aware that there are not 50 stars. But I promise we are proud to be Americans!
Both boys know The Pledge of Allegiance and both boys know the bare bones basics about the beginning of America. Micah, however, wanted nothing to do with sharing these fun facts, so enjoy Grady Lee giving you some insights into America's birthday:
Like every other family in our neighborhood, we enjoyed some time at the pool. And, since Grady was with us this time it was much easier to manage three kids and let the boys do some "crazy" jumps of the edge of the pool. Annalyse, being such a lightweight, will tip if she moves at all or if the wind blows too hard. I need to find a full-body inflatable suit for infants.
What's a long, holiday weekend without fun food? Grilled burgers, fried chicken, BBQ pork, corn on the cob, fresh watermelon... yumness!
The boys helped me assemble a Fruity Flag Pizza, which Micah said was his favorite pizza he's ever tasted in his whole entire life. Quite a declaration for well-lived three and a half years of life.
Not old enough to be a helper just yet, Annalyse did a great job of licking a spatula, and a great job of looking cute while doing it.
Although she didn't like the watermelon I offered her, she did decide she is a fan of sliced cheese. This is a milestone improvement since she's refused every solid food offered to her so far. Come on girl, eat! Pack on some real calories and make it to the tenth percentile at your next check-up!
Sunday evening we joined our college group for some football. Actually, Grady joined the group for football. I just sat and talked - I didn't want to intimidate anyone with the muscle mass in my arms.
The boys always look forward to "playing sports with Daddy's fwends on Sunday night." They explore in the woods. They dig in the sand. They play soccer with "the big guys." They get endless attention from the girls. Life is good when you're little and there are lots of willing hands to play with you.
While grilling Monday evening, the wind picked up and dark clouds rolled in quickly. As soon as dinner was done we decided to do sparklers in case it started to storm.
Of the four boxes of sparklers to use, we made it through half of the first box before both boys were crying. The wind from the incoming storm was blowing sparks on their hands, and even though it didn't hurt (I don't think!), it was scaring them.
If I'm being entirely honest, though, I was thankful for the incoming storm because it meant early baths and early bedtimes. Nothing to keep the kids up late for, which meant Grady and I could listen to thunder and watch a movie. And that, that sounded like a good ending to a good weekend.

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  1. Love their flags and your yummy flag pizza!! So festive and fun. Your kids are soooo cute! Looks like a great weekend. Blessings!