Monday, June 20, 2011

Who Would'a Thunk?

Who would'a thunk...
... that coloring strips of paper towel with markers...
... and dipping them in water to "make them bleed" would be so much fun?
And, who woulda' thunk...
... that "stabbing pencils really hard" through ziplock bags full of water...
... without making the water spill out...
... would be so much fun?
I haven't figured out why this was fun, but they spent over an hour - an hour! - doing this!


  1. Ha--I totally recognize those activities! I am glad they were such a hit. I am waiting until we have some slightly older children over to try them out.

    Did the bleeding actually separate the colors? I thought that would be pretty cool--maybe I should try it out myself.

    I love your fun/interesting things to do with your kid posts!

  2. I agree with Jenny, you always have fun interesting ideas! The simpler the better! I am going to try Sharpie tie-dyes with the kids later in the summer...color on shirts with sharpies & drop rubbing alcohol onto the colors to make them bleed...we will see how it turns out!