Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simple Outside Fun

The weather these past few days has been par excellence - mid 80's and breezy. We've been busy, but in a casual and relaxed sort of way. 
With temps so inviting, we've played outside all day long it seems. The sandbox, the backyard, the local park, the woods, the pool.
One thing is certain: when they play hard they sleep hard!  I've got three tired, dirty, but happily content, kids by the end of the day. That's what summer is about, right?
Sometimes the best days are the days we stay home and just play. I love it when the boys discover new ways to play with old toys and are bestest buddies. (No, this is not an everyday occurrence, which is why it's so wonderful when it happens!)
I remember when summer meant working on a tan, reading a good book, and relaxing while gardening or jogging by the lake shore. While that is far from my reality now, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I'm thankful for a city that has more parks and trails and outdoor places to explore than there are days to enjoy them all. My boys are content to run and discover. Annalyse is content to ride and watch. And I'm content just cause my kids are content.
Our backyard is rather small, but thankfully there is a huge backyard like this close by that we frequently enjoy. Sometimes we see deer or snakes or rabbits. Usually, though, all I see is a cloud of dust from my boys running or a frenzy of sticks being waved as my boys fight monsters.
There's also been some outdoor fun with friends. Grady has started his summer softball league, and although I can't say I watched any of his game (Sshh! Don't tell!), I know the kids had fun playing and I had fun chatting with friends.
What about you - what are you doing to enjoy your summer?

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  1. So Annalyse cutting a tooth maybe?? :-) Loved those cute pics of her chewing on everything!!!