Friday, May 20, 2011

The Simple Things

1. A hot shower.

Last Saturday morning we had cool showers. By Saturday afternoon we didn't even have the luxury of cool water - only freezing cold water. Our hot water heater died and was totally kaput - leaking and all. I did the Little-House-on-the-Prarie-thing and boiled water for my kids to use in the bathtub. Grady and I, however, endured cold showers until Monday when the hot water heater was replaced.

2. Coffee with friends.

I participated in a Bible study a couple of years ago with several other friends and we decided it was time to get together and catch up on life. Two ours of talking and laughing and sharing - without kids and on a weekday morning no less!

3. Rainy days.

Two days of rain was a welcomed relief this week. I had a ever-growing to do list and it seems I've been everywhere but home lately. Enjoying a couple of days of rain at home was not only productive, but calming.
4. and

I can't tell you the last time I bought laundry detergent, toilet paper, diapers, or wipes in the store. I buy it all online, still use my coupons, and have it shipped to my door two days later for free. Seriously, why cram my cart with those large and heavy things when someone else will deliver it to me for free? Try it - you'll love it too. Plus, you get super huge boxes and your kids will play for hours in them. Score.

What about you - what Simple Things did you enjoy this week?


  1. thanks for the tips on the paper towels, etc!

  2. You! We so enjoyed all of you today!!! :-)