Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Boys

My boys have had bunk beds for over a year. But they've never been stacked as bunk beds until this past weekend. Why, you ask?

Reason #1: It is likely, guaranteed actually, that Micah is going to get hurt. He just will because that's just how he is. If the boy can break a leg, smash a finger, and cut his forehead before the age of two, having bunk beds seemed like an open invitation for another Urgent Care visit.

Reason #2: Bunk beds are for Big Boys. And Big Boys only wear underwear. Although Micah had this down last summer, he decided that once Annalyse came he wanted in on the attention and went back to diapers for a while. Now that he's decided to wear only underwear, we've decided he's merited the title Big Boy.
Grady was out of town all week and he was hardly in the door before both boys tackled him reminding him of his promise to "put the beds together because we obeyed while you were gone!"

Armed and dangerous with work goggles, tape measures, and hammers, the construction began.
I did my part and vacuumed up broken piggy bank pieces that were still lodged under a bed and I dusted floorboards that I couldn't normally reach. You know, the important things that wouldn't have ever happened if I wasn't there to supervise.
About a half hour later, and taa-daa! Excitement that surpassed Christmas. Happiness beyond birthday cake.


  1. So exciting! Bunks for big boys and more room on the floor to play (and less under-bed space to collect dust bunnies).

  2. How fun!!! It is so wonderful that your boys get to enjoy sharing not only a room, but also bunk beds!!! Adorable photos! (And prayers going up for Micah's safety!!)