Thursday, May 26, 2011

Discovery Place

We've had a whirlwind week -  but a super fun week - and today Grady had the afternoon free so we opted to keep the momentum of the busy week going and visit a newly renovated museum in Uptown. 

We didn't tell the boys where we were going and all Grady and I heard for most of the drive was, "I hope it's Carowinds. That's my favoritest place ever." He and I exchanged quiet glances since we were not on our way to Carowinds.

As we approached the city, the boys were instantly excited about all "the tall buildings that are almost touching the clouds!" I think it's time we brought our boys to a real city soon - one with a real skyline - and introduce them to what tall buildings really are. (Are you listening Chicago friends? We wanna come visit!)

Once inside the Discovery Place Museum, the boys were off and running from place to place. Grady Lee shouted, "There is so much here to climb on! I hope I have energy for all these fun things. Mom, did you bring my juice cause I'll need a drink soon!"
And, if I remember right, Micah is singing at the top of his lungs, "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty..." as he huffs and puffs to pull his seat up.
The air-blasting chair was a hit for two little boys who think that outer space is the goal for almost everything: how high they jump, how high they throw something, how tall they want to grow, you name it.
Annalyse was far past her regular afternoon nap but I think the lights and energy and noise around her kept her happily pacified.
Heave ho! Grady Lee worked hard to master this tug of war contest. He won... until Dad stepped in and gave him some competition.
Oh but wait! Another rope to pull! Both boys "worked as a team because that's what makes us strongest" to pull the rope, let it go, and watch a ball catapult out of the chute and into the net. We did this over and over. And over and over.
And as we did this over and over, and over and over, Annalyse slowly began to fade. Her eyes got heavy. Her expression got glassy... 
... and soon she was out. Cute and comfy and cozy. I kind of wanted to climb in next to her for a snooze, too.

Speaking of naps, I did get a quick catnap on a bed of nails! Probably not as comfy as Annalyse's stroller and blanket, but definitely more interesting.
Grady and I tried to coax the boys to give it a try, but for whatever reason, neither was keen on the idea. Both boys refused to give the bed of nails a try. This was a stumper since they are usually first in line for anything daring or dangerous or exciting.

After the umpteenth time of trying to talk the boys into it, Micah caught sight of a race car helmet and seat and took off. Nascar better watch out!
Next we took a short walk in the rain forest looking at lizards, turtles, parrots...
... and tarantulas and snakes up close. Grady Lee was listening carefully because at dinner tonight he reminded me that "we never touch the spiders with the hair and the bones." Good thing cause tarantulas are a common sight around here. (?!)
At this point, we hit the two hour mark and still had lots more to see and do. Grady took off to put more money in our parking meter and the boys got busy building the Eiffel Tower. Micah's soon collapsed and he wailed, "I don't know why it fell because I made a berry strong base....!"
The tears stopped quickly when the boys saw a science experiment happening across the room. Something about the sight of smoking liquid nitrogen seemed appealing.
We saw some fish, too, but Grady Lee commented that, "These fishes aren't as nice as the ones we saw on our short vacation." True, true, the aquarium in Atlanta does have the upper hand, but still.
Honestly, I think the favorite part was the kids room with a splash table. Note to self: water is all it takes for a guaranteed good time.
Grady and I were content to finally sit down and relax for a few minutes - and eat some snacks that I intended to be for the boys but since they were so busy playing with water we scarfed them down instead.
Oh, but wait! Cuteness is about to show herself! She's not too sure about this...
... but her big brother is quick to rush to her side with handfuls of toys...
... but even with something to hold (and eventually chew), she's still not sure about being in a chair surrounded by water...
... but once her tiny fingers touch the water she is home free! Happy and giggling at last!
I know she was thinking, "Waaay better than the bathtub, Mom!"

Once everyone was sufficiently wet, and by now hungry, we called it a day. And while we all chattered about the fun things we saw and did on our drive home, Grady and I still heard Grady Lee say, "But when are we going to go to Carowinds?"


  1. We'd love to see you all and meet your little ones! Of course, in proper disclosure, I should mention that today it was 45 degrees all day...but surely at some point it'll be summer in the city!

    I tell ya, the Charlotte area seems to have a never ending list of great places to take kids. I love that the water table was made for all ages!

  2. All the photos are cool and awesome. Hope I would have been a part of this journey. The kids are really good and fabulous. Thanks for sharing the post.

  3. What a GREAT day Sarah! The boys look they had a BLAST! We haven't been to Discovery place since they did all there renovations, but it looks AWESOME!

  4. Sarah...I love the pic of you lying on the nail bed. You looked SOOOOOO relaxed! :-) Glad you had fun...we'll have to tag-team it and go together one of these days...six kids? :-)

  5. I think Celia needs to check her math unless she's planning on leaving the baby at home? LOL!
    What FUN!! We haven't taken the kids there either, but it looks so much fun since the renovations! It also looks like you guys were the ONLY ones there! How awesome! And I agree with you, water pretty much always guarantees a good time!