Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Very Full Day

Guess who is on round two of bronchiolitis?An early morning doctor visit confirmed that Annalyse, once again, has bronchiolitis. Poor girl - a croupy, barking cough is becoming normal for her. 

Grady Lee rushes to her when he hears her cough and yells out to let me know "if she has sickies" or not. Sometimes her coughs get so violent she ends up gagging and out comes her last meal. I haven't decided if Grady Lee rushes to her because he truly cares about his sick sister, or if he's just excited to make a "sickie" announcement.

Because we had plans to visit a new children's museum and because I knew she'd spend most of our visit there sleeping in the stroller, I opted to take the kids and go. 

A town near our home recently opened a small children's museum, which is really more of an exhibit-type playground. Kids can wander through a tree house, dress-up closet, miniature kitchen, and ship.
Once inside, the boys ran free from place to place while I strolled Annalyse to sleep. I love that they are finally old enough to climb stairs and explore things independently. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy playing with my kids, but being the mom that was constantly racing down the twirly slide or climbing through tunnels or helping stranded kids get down stairs was not always delightful.
The boys received a key chain with keys that were various shapes so they could unlock mystery cabinets throughout the museum. This was a big hit - until another little girl snatched Grady Lee's key chain when he set it down. My child came unglued and almost lost all self-control - what small amounts he has.
Bright-eyed and cheerful, for the most part, despite not feeling well. What a trooper! (And yes, I'm aware that the bow is bigger than her head.)
Ever seen a knight in shining armor steer a ship? It's quite the sight. And, it's quite the sound to hear them run around the room yelling, "Emergency! Call 911 cause there's a fire! Quick, jump on the ship and let's go!" Most of the knight and princess movies I've seen don't involve 911 calls and fires, but maybe they're blazing the way for the next Pixar hit. Who knows.
I'm trying to think of a way to rig this thing-a-ma-jigger into our home. My boys stationed themselves here for a good 40 minutes.

What are they doing?

Oh, exciting and thrilling things like putting bean bags in a bucket, yanking on a rope to make the pulley system work, watching the bean bags spill and slide down the chute, and then doing the same thing over again. And again. For 40 minutes. This is when I semi-checked out and got lost on FaceBook and email on my phone.
Trains are always fun and this was no exception. Tunnels and bridges and castles - oh my!
When Annalyse finally woke up, due to the minibus of daycare kids that arrived, we called it quits and headed home. Definitely worth the cheap $3 tickets for my boys to play for a few hours.
If you read my post on Sunday, you know that Freddy the Frog has been discovered again this year. Well, as of today, Lucy the Lizard has been reintroduced to our family as well.
Annalyse was fascinated to watch this little critter scamper back and forth in the cage and Micah kept saying, "Annalyse can't touch him or she'll get more sickies in her tummy!"
After dinner, Grady ran the street with the boys trying to fly a kite. The wind was so-so, but the kite quality was horrible so they didn't get a whole lot of lift. Regardless, the boys had fun and took turns "flying" the kite.
I'm not sure they really cared about flying the kite, I think they were just excited to be allowed to play in the street.
And now the day is over and my fingers are crossed that a little girl sleeps soundly tonight and isn't up a multitude of times due to heavy coughing. Time will tell...


  1. Where is this museum with $3 entrance fees? Looks like a lot of fun! And say it with me sister, thank goodness for smart phones! Hope that Annalyse is feeling better very soon!

  2. Seriously you are the funnest mom evah!!! And Annalyse is a doll baby! She is so pretty!