Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Darlings

Stubborn, willful, negotiator, and annoyingly independent. Who could I possibly be describing? 

Of course: my Micah Man. 

The other day he had gone too far in pushing limits. He was sent to his room for a brief time out so that I could get my thoughts together before I actually addressed disciplining him. I walked into his room about 15 minutes later and this is what I discovered:
Do you think I should be concerned that I sent him to time out and he chose his gun, of all things, to play with? Hopefully his mind wasn't classifying me as "one of the bad guys" that he had to get.

But, for each stubborn, willful, negotiating, and annoyingly independent move he makes, there is also a giving, caring, tender, and make-you-laugh-till-you-hurt move as well.
He loves his little sister and is especially happy that she "can sit up and play with fun toys now!" Micah's pet name for Annalyse is "Annaweesie." He's the only one I've heard use it and it's pretty cute if you ask me.
Alright - I'm asking now for forgiveness. The rest of this post contains several short video clips of my kids doing nothing unique or special, but are things that the grandparents enjoy seeing. If you choose to watch these several minutes of silliness, don't say you haven't been warned.

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  1. Sooooo precious, indeed! They are darlings & that makes you a darling mom!