Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learnin. Playin. Laughin.

Nothing much today - just life as usual. But sometimes I like to get photo memories of the everyday norm because I know that someday my house will be quiet (and clean) and my kids won't occupy all my time.

Rather than practice writing ABC's today, I had Grady Lee try to help Micah locate all of the letters and arrange them in the right order. Be still my pounding headache - I heard them sing The ABC's way more times than any mom should ever have to hear in one day. Or in one lifetime.

After multiple rounds off singing and a few breaks to use the broom to get lost letters out from under the stove, both boys had their board full of the ABC's. Learning while playing? I think so.
While the boys were busy with letters, Annalyse was busy with toys. She squeals. She squeaks. She gurgles. She giggles. I love it all. 

If this six-month old doesn't look ready to head out for a game of tennis, I don't know who would! Thanks to my very hip and trendy college girls that loaded Annalyse up with the preppy gear.

After ABC's, it was time to paint. Allow me to translate what you see.

When I asked Micah to tell me about his picture, he declared he was "painting a picture of bunk beds at the fire station with the fireman pole in the middle." Duh - so obvious.
Grady Lee told me he was painting "an airplane high in the sky about to fly out the earth and into the moon." Of course, of course.
While I folded several loads of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms (exciting, huh?), the boys dug and got dirty in the sandbox. I think the sandbox is the most prized possession in our home. My boys spend hours there.

Sure sand gets tracked into the house. Sure I have to change their clothes a couple of times a day. BUT, I sure do enjoy the time I have to get things done without having to think twice about where they are or what they are doing!
This little thing would swing and swing and swing if only her mom didn't get bored after 10 minutes of pushing.  She really needs to discover how to pump those little legs if she wants to spend any serious amount of time swinging.
Lo and behold! Freddy the Frog returned again. Jumps of joy and shouts of glee. And, a loud announcement to our neighbor: "Mr. Steve! We caught a frog! Do you want to climb over our fence and come see him?" Mr. Steve nodded politely but declined the offer to jump.
When it's 82 degrees and sunny, the obvious thing to do is eat popsicles and play in the sprinkler. And that's what we did!
Annalyse was perplexed by her brothers running in and out of water and I could see her little mind trying to concoct a way to get in on the fun. Next spring, baby doll, next spring.
And now it's just after dinner. The dishwasher is doing its job. Grady has both boys at the park to play soccer. Annalyse is chewing on toys here on the floor next to me. And I'm eating ice cream.

Yup - just a life as usual kind of day. And I rather enjoyed it, actually.

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  1. I love that you are capturing a normal day--it sounds like a lovely one!

    Oh, and the pictures of the weather make me think NC may be on our list of places to live next (as it's about 40 here right now...hoping for 50)!