Monday, March 28, 2011

Six Months!

Look who is six months already

One half of a year ago I was tired and nauseas and sick and counting the minutes until you arrived. And now, six months later, it's barely a memory and I'm overwhelmed with love and devotion and gratitude for you.
You smile a lot. You giggle a lot. You squeal a lot. You are 100% girl.

You laugh when you see yourself in the mirror. You are obsessed with any necklace or earrings I wear.  You love to be the center of attention. You are 100% girl.
Always curious and always wiggling, you've found yourself in some strange positions. But, rather than cry or whine about it, you kick all the harder and do your best to maneuver yourself somewhere else. Determined, very determined.
You started eating solids this month and are willing to try anything I spoon into your mouth. Hesitant at first - lots of "oh my word I'm going to gag" faces, which were, in fact, followed by actual gags at times. But, no sooner would you gag and you would look at me with your mouth wide open waiting for another bite.

Atta girl! Join your Momma and eat your heart out.
You seem to really like your feet - maybe it's a sign of liking shoes someday, too! I sure hope so - between the two of us we'll have lots and lots to share. And, yes, it is cool to share clothes with your Mom, despite what any of your friends tell you.
You haven't discovered the enormous bows on your head and I'm happy about that. For now I'm able to keep headbands on you and keep everyone around you aware that you are indeed a girl. That darling bald head makes some folks wonder... and the giant bows and ribbons are sure to settle any questions.
The jury is still out on what color your eyes will be. Somedays they are brown, others blue, and sometimes even green. My guess is you'll land in the hazel category just like your Daddy.
You've finally moved into a size three diaper, and not necessarily because that's what fits you best, but because I ran out of size two's and had several boxes of size three's waiting. 

Your six-month well visit showed you weighing 13 pounds 12 ounces (10%) and measuring 25 1/2 inches (50%).
You started sitting on your own this month, though you are usually so busy kicking and reaching and moving that you quickly topple and end up laying and wiggling to get what you want. Determined, very determined!

I love you, Annalyse Joy, and am thankful that you are my sweet baby girl.


  1. Adorable! I want to know exactly how many headbands your little sweetheart has! :) Love them all!

  2.! This could be one of the sweetest.posts.EVER! Happy 6 Month to Annalyse! She is a total doll from the top of her big bows right down to her adorable toes! SO cute!!