Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Love

It happened on Wednesday last week. The clock ticked and the calendar flipped and suddenly I was 33. Thirty three

I told my mom that I felt super old now and she assured me that I'm not. My response? Look who is talking... she was married at 19 and done with kids by 25. I was a preteen by the time she was 33.

Despite having the usual eat-a-super-fast-dinner-because-we-have church-at-6:30 on my birthday, Grady surprised me with an Oreo ice cream cake. 
I'm personally not a fan of store bought cookies. But, there is one exception: Oreo's. In my world, Oreo's generally make everything around me seem okay. Any hurts or frustrations or discomforts melt away when Oreo's are in my mouth. My husband knows me all too well.
Grady asked the boys to guess how old they thought I was. Micah thought I was 10 and Grady Lee guessed 22. Aw, shucks, my boys think I'm a young, hip, cool Mom. Or maybe they just don't know their numbers very well yet.
The ice cream cake was wonderful and it was all I thought about as I tried to teach Gopher Buddies at church that night. I couldn't wait to get home and have a second slice!
Grady also arranged his work schedule to be home Thursday afternoon so I could enjoy an hour massage. Ooooh... this may have possibly trumped the Oreo ice cream cake. I think that if we're ever gazillionaires I'm going to request weekly massages. Forget manicures. Forget facials. Forget shopping. I just want a deep rub for an hour straight... with no lights and no sounds and no interruptions. *Bliss*

Thanks, Babe, you did good. Real good!
The birthday fun continued on Saturday evening when Grady and I enjoyed dinner and a movie out. We had a cozy booth by a window - quiet conversation together while it was dreary and rainy outside. Shrimp and lobster until we were filled - stuffed, actually.

We have the best girl to watch our kids and we never think twice when we walk out the door and leave three little ones with her. A screaming Annalyse? Doesn't phase her. A high-energy Grady Lee? Doesn't bother her. A willful Micah? Doesn't worry her.
Many thanks to the family and friends that sent cards, made phone calls, and posted Face Book notes. I'm learning that I'm a person who appreciates words - the time and thoughtfulness others took to say Happy Birthday was a true day-brightener.


  1. Your birthday sounds like it was absolutely perfect! Blessings!

  2. I am so glad you had a great birthday. That Oreo cake sure got my mouth watering. Happy 33!