Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ten Years Today

Wow. Yikes. Crazy. Real mature. 
Eleven years ago we were friends and ten years ago we said "I do."
How come in almost 10 years I still look the same?! And, no, this is not a compliment to myself. Can someone pretty please teach me how to style my hair and wear makeup so that I look older than 18?
In 10 years we've had four mailing addresses and lived in two states. 

We've lived on the fifth floor and parked on the street - wherever we could find a spot and always hoping to remember street cleaning days so that our car wasn't towed. (But, unfortunately, it still was... a couple of times.)

We've lived on the thirtieth floor and graduated to a parking garage - where we had to pay a mighty-high premium for it and still had to unload groceries and such with the doorman before actually parking. 

We've owned a two-flat, living on top and renting out the bottom, with a two-car garage - which backed up to an oh-so-scary ally but the parking was reliable so it was considered luxury.

We now live in suburbia and drive past a cow pasture to get into our development - and our garage is full of Grady's business equipment so I park in the driveway.  

Why all the discussion about parking? I'm not really sure, other than to say that this seemingly normal, everyday thing has been a big deal in our 10 years together.
In ten years we've had some awesome vacations and have traveled to a lot of fun places. Pre-kids, Grady had the genius idea of us escaping for a night away every six weeks. That's right, every six weeks I was guaranteed a night at a quaint B&B, beach hotel, or city escape. But, alas, kids came into the picture and the whole get-away-for-a-night-thing changed.
In ten years we've never lived close to family. But, we've been a part of two wonderfully amazing church families. We've been given love and blessings; and we've been able to serve and lead in return. Some of my favorite memories in our 10 years are times we've spent doing ministry together. Nothing makes my eyes adore Grady more or my heart skip a beat more than watching him love and serve and lead other people.
In 10 years we added three little people to our family. Three little people in the last four and a half years, actually. Without question, that makes the last four and a half years our busiest, funniest, hardest, and wonderfulest years yet.
In 10 years we've begun to understand for better or worse (marriage reveals the ugly in you and the beautiful in your spouse); richer or poorer (it's true that finances can be a stress point like no other); sickness and health (being terribly sick while pregnant for three kids has taken, literally, 27 months out of our marriage).
But, here we are, two people more in love today than we were then. Two people with a lot more patience and trust with each other than we did then. Two people that know how to choose the mountains to climb and the molehills to ignore. Two people that have a stronger-than-ever passion for knowing and loving Jesus so that we can, in return, better know and love each other.


  1. Happy happy happy anniversary!!! You two are so very cute! I love that first pic of you guys! Shows your personality so well! :-) Its amazing all that has transpired in ten years! I'm so glad that we get to be a part of your all are a blessing and a testimony of God's love and graciousness! Have a wonderful anniversary!! Love you!

  2. Who are those two kids?!?! My favorite pic is the rooftop view of the Chicago skyline. That was my favorite place to live, in terms of facilities. Top floor with view of north side... rooftop with view of entire city... fitness center on site... pool/hot tub on site... walk or cab to EVERYTHING... and free breakfast onsite every day! I love you babe! What a great 10 years, and if the Lord tarries and wills, here's to 50+ more!

  3. Beautiful post, Sarah, and the commentary on parking is hysterical! Love you guys & we are so blessed to have been part of those two great church families with you! And, seriously, you have not aged one bit, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky girl! You are beautiful outside & most importantly inside...the love of Jesus radiates from your face!
    A very Happy & Blessed Anniversary to one of the dearest couples that we know! May God continue to bless & prosper your marriage!

  4. Happy anniversary, Sarah and Grady! What a great adventure the Lord has had you on so far. May He bless you abundantly in these next 10!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Love this post! : )

  6. Happy Anniversary you two! I can't believe you've been married for 10 years! That seems like it was just yesterday. =)

  7. Congrats on your 10th! What a great milestone to document, I love looking at the old pictures. You are right, you haven't changed a bit and I would embrace it, you both look fantastic.

  8. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I pray you enjoyed a wonderful day TOGETHER!!!! LOVED the trip down memory lane!

  9. Congrats and a Happy Anniversary to you! I love the pictures looking back at you and Grady over the years. Very sweet! I hear you on parking being an issue, whew we've had our share of parking woes over the years:-)