Thursday, January 20, 2011


A week ago we were supposed to meet several friends and spend a morning at Superior Play. But, if you recall, Grady Lee wandered into our room at 3:00 am and announced his tummy hurt. Instead of playing with friends, we spent the day at home and I was busy cleaning up after one kid and keeping the other two quarantined.

This week I opted to take the boys for a morning to play. We walked in and Grady Lee's eyebrows instantly furrowed and he scowled: "Where are my fwends, mom? This won't be a lot of fun if I don't have fwends to play with."

My bad. I thought Micah was your best friend. And I thought you were still young enough that I was considered cool and a friend. Guess not.

But, in no time at all, he and Micah were running and climbing and jumping and swinging. Fwends or no fwends, they both had fun.

Micah gravitated to some ginormous binoculars and was on the lookout for "the bad guys are hiding under the slide." 
Both boys jumped and jumped and jumped. And jumped and jumped and jumped. If our backyard wasn't one big hill, I'd consider getting a trampoline - perfect energy drainer.
Annalyse was all smiles and even enjoyed flopping on a blanket for a few minutes next to another sweet little boy. She can't help it - she's turning heads already.
And, just when "the bad guys were coming from under the slide," Micah was quick to drive the rescue ship away and "stay safe cause we're much stronger and can fight much better." (My boys watch innocent cartoons for a grand total of about one hour a day... where are they learning about all this fighting and strong and bad guy stuff?! I guess it really is second nature to little boys, huh?)
Grady Lee gave his best attempts at basketball and would have made his Daddy proud.
I spent a while the other day packing up most all of the 0-3 month clothes for Annalyse. I sure wish I could get a new wardrobe every three months.

For one last hurrah, I dressed her in a pink dress that was a special gift... so sad that she won't wear it again. I tried on some size 0 shoes - size zero - and they were still enormous. Doesn't this girl know that shoes are what I live for and her feet need to grow so that she can share in all the shoe-shopping and shoe-wearing fun?
Annalyse and Daddy are fast becoming lil' buddies. I think it's because she's quiet while he reads the newspaper. She doesn't run and jump on his lap without warning and crumple the paper.
She's also pretty quiet during football games. Rather than ask, again and again, if "we can play rough like the football guys" she sits quietly and just gnaws on her fingers.

Rather than ask, again and again, if "it's our turn for a cartoon yet," she sits quietly and stares at the flickering lights on the TV.
Yeah, she might be in pink and flowers, but she's Daddy's newest lil' buddy.

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  1. Looks like SO much fun at the play place! I seriously love the commentary you provide on all the "bad guys" & your lil' super heros, hysterical!!
    You guys will really have to come over one day to jump on the trampoline, I'm seriously loving it for the exact reason you mentioned!
    Those size 0 shoes on Annalyse are hilarious! She looks so pretty all dressed up in her Sunday best!