Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For those that think my house is always clean, this is for you.

For those that think my house is always organized, this is for you.

This lovely pile of toys is, indeed, in the toy room, but it didn't take long before parts of it began to trickle into the hallway. And into the bedrooms. And into the loft. And onto the stairs. And into the living room.
My boys will tell you this is "our special fort that is super strong and nothing can get inside." I couldn't agree more - nothing can get inside because it's impossible to get inside because there is no inside!

When I was a kid, a fort involved an old sheet hung over the dining room table and chairs. I've done with with my boys, but they much prefer making a huge pile of toys and calling it a fort instead.

Do they play in this fort? No. How can they... there's no where to sit!
When it was wonderfully quiet and they were playing so well together for almost an hour, I had a hunch this was what they were up to. This is not the first time they've built such a grand so-called-fort. But I was busy hanging things in Annalyse's room and decided to let them continue.

After almost an hour of unloading shelves from the toy closet,
and unloading bins from their bedroom closet, I thought I better intervene and ask them to begin the clean-up process.
Whew! With that mess now under wraps I let out a sigh of relief. I don't handle clutter very well.

We came downstairs for lunch and I remembered the enormous Thomas the Train track that was sprawled all over my dining room. It is wonderful and it is creative, but it is also in the wrong room! If only I could snap my fingers and make this instantly disassemble and then reassemble in the toy room upstairs.
The boys have fun spreading all the track and accessories everywhere. Annalyse has fun watching the trains go around and around. And I have fun looking at ruffles on her bottom and bows on her ankles and muttering praises for a Baby Girl to add to the chaos of my two boys.


  1. I see the old school Fisher Price stove top in on of those pictures:) I am so into the vintage toys that we played with as kids:) Although the new ones that they make to look like the "vintage" are just not the same quality. Anyway, I just loved seeing that in your picture. You are going to need to make room for all the girlie toys now:) There are MANY!!!! It is possible to have 15 baby dolls and need to play with them all:)

  2. That cute little pink ruffle bum watching the trains is ADORABLE!!!
    And other than the big pile of toys...your house still looks spotless! I'm not buying it...I think it was staged! ;-) ;-)

  3. Yes...this is Amy's room EVERYDAY after "rest-time" :-) At least you have such good "helpers" to put it all away! You know you can't have any fun unless you are using ALL your toys!!!

  4. Loved reading your post, and can so relate to the thankful heart having a girl! It's so much fun, isn't it? God knew our families needed a little balance - and estrogen.
    Love ya, can't wait to see you in a month.
    Carrie :)