Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Months Old

Annalyse Joy - you are three months old! December was a whirlwind for our family and you took each adventure and appointment and activity in stride.

You are still a very easy-going baby who is always eager to smile. There are three men, in particular, who are captivated by your sweet smile. I think they'd do anything for you!
You can roll from your tummy to your back, but haven't figured out how to get from your back to your tummy. I think that's on purpose though, because you still really don't like tummy time at all. You usually start to whine right away, and if you don't flip to your back right away, you build up an intense cry and turn a lovely shade of red. That's something I need to get on camera...!
In fact, too much time on your tummy and you're ready to nap! It must be hard work holding up that big noggin' of yours.
You still wear a size one diaper and comfortably wear 0-3 month clothes. Because you're long, your toes are poking the ends of some outfits, but your tiny waist can't hold up the next size. Oh well, you'll just have to endure looking a little silly in some things for the next few weeks.
Having you in our family added even more joy to an already joyful time of year! You are the bestest Christmas gift we could ask for.
Your brothers are still your number one admirers and protectors. Grady Lee won't take his eyes off you when we're in public, and is quick to tell everyone that stops to look at you, "She's my sister and you can't take her home with you."
You are patient with all the kisses and love they give...
... as well as their crazy antics of racing cars by you (or often on you), reading books to you (both at the same time, and each getting louder and louder to be heard), and shaking rattles for you (an inch from your eyes and ears).
You are beautiful. You are loved. You are our gift of joy, Little Miss Annalyse Joy!

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  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Annalyse in that red outfit is TOO stinkin' cute, LOVE it! And,, Grady Lee's warning to everyone that they can't take her home is TOO precious! Happy 3 Month Annalyse Joy! She really is a precious doll baby...and that tiny waist, well she's just lucky!!