Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Micah!

December 27, 2010: Micah David turned three years old! 

The little man ran into our bedroom that morning and we greeted him with a groggy round of "Happy Birthday!"

Balloons and some of his presents were waiting for him on the coffee table when he got downstairs. He wasted no time in tearing into his gifts.

First up, was an enormous firetruck from Grandpa and Oma Peeler. Grady Lee promptly declared that he was "going to ask Santa for a big firetruck like Micah's for Christmas." (Uumm, next Christmas is kind of a long way off Buddy.)
Next, a Curious George and a new Bible from Grandpa and Grandma High. Micah's favorite cartoon and book series is "Monkey George." He has since decided he doesn't want to sleep with his puppy and bunny anymore, which he's slept with since he was about 9 months old, only Curious George. When I heard him say this, I had a Toy Stoy 3 moment.
We asked Micah what fun thing he wanted our family to do on his birthday and he decided on bowling. So, even though we'd just recently done this, we headed back to the bowling lanes. This time we had good coupons on hand so even I got in on the fun. 

Grady and I decided to take two cars so that the boys could use their walkie-talkies and see how they really work. Although they've been having fun with them at home, they seem to always yell when they use them and since they're in the same house they hear each other regardless of the walkie-talkie.

Micah thought it was pretty cool that he could "hear Gwady talking when he's in Daddy's car far away!"
We got our shoes and bowling balls and started right away. My boys are quickly becoming bowling experts. Sort of.
Grady Lee got a strike! Time to check out the big X on the screen.
Micah's ball usually takes its sweet time rolling down the lane. Sometimes we suggest he blow to help get his ball to the end. He sits at the end of the lane huffing and puffing.
Dad shows the boys proper form... and did his best not to be too smug that he got several strikes in a row without the help of bumpers.
 Making silly faces while we wait for our turn.
 Ooooohh! Grady Lee gets creative with his bowling position.
 Yes, yes, Annalyse was with us too. One guess what she was up to.
Check out some clips of our crazy bowling adventures... 
Later that day, after hundreds of "is it time for cake and more presents yet?", we showed Micah his birthday cupcakes. He was so excited to see soccer balls!
Seriously, how darling are these cupcakes?! All props go to our friend Elisabeth who totally rocks at making and decorating cupcakes!
Lighting his candles...
... singing "Happy Birthday"...
... blowing the candles out...
... and diving right into yummy goodness!
Annalyse was not a fan of the loud singing and clapping. Yes, even though there were only three of us singing, a certain four-year old can sing quite loud.
Micah gives his approval with a thumbs up!
Grady Lee scarfed his down in three bites and promptly asked for more. I don't think this child has ever tasted his food before because he basically opens up and inhales.
Micah took his time and enjoyed every bite. The floor around him was covered in chocolate crumbs... why is eating one cupcake such a messy task? And, could someone please let him know there is green frosting on and in his nose?
All gone and ready for presents!
Micah is one of those open-a-present-piece-by-piece-and-carefully-try-not-to-rip-the-wrapping-paper kind of people.
Gift-opening takes a long time with Micah, but at least this happy three-year old got to enjoy every bit of it!
Grady Lee hung close to Micah wondering what each gift would be. When Micah finally had something open, Grady Lee would say, "You're going to share that with me, right Micah? It's for both of us to play with, right Micah?"
Oh boy! Oh boy! A new stomp rocket! Can you can see the intense excitement on his face? Some of our friends have this toy and Micah has talked about it non-stop ever since playing with it.
The proud birthday boy with all his new loot!
And, in case you forgot, he is THREE years old!
Attempt number one at a family picture. Not too bad.
Attempt number five at a family picture. Actually pretty cute. All the others? So terrible they aren't worth showing.
When "the boring pictures that are taking a very long time" were finally done, the boys began playing with new toys right away.

Anyone remember the classic game of Ants in the Pants? I totally remember playing with my brothers when I was little. Good things never die.
The new race track was a hit. "It goes up side down two times and flies through the fire ring, Dad!"
Whew! Enough present opening to last me for a while. But, I love seeing pure joy and delight on the faces of my little men when they tear into gifts.

Happy Third Birthday Micah Man!

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  1. What a special birthday : ) Sarah, you've now encouraged me to attempt a bowling outing with the girls!