Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Good Start

This week has been good. I know, it's only Tuesday, but still. After the rough ending to last week, I'm thankful for a happy start to a new week. 

My boys adore their sister. They really do. For now, it's both precious to see and terrifying to see. Dump trucks race by her. Airplanes whiz over her. Blocks tumble near her. And oh-my-word, kisses nearly suffocate her. 
But, on the bright side, she is stimulated, has constant entertainment, and should know beyond the shadow of a doubt that her brothers love her.
One thing is for sure: she will learn to be tough and stand her ground. No boy will bully her around! But, when I look at this sweet face I wonder if there's any "watch out or I'll clobber you " attitude in her.
Thank Heaven For Little Girls - couldn't agree more. My heart is full when I look at this face. My heart melts when I see this smile. My heart rejoices when I think that I get to call her mine!
This little girl is still curious as can be about the dangling toys. Her arms flap and her legs kick, but for the life of her, she just can't figure out how to reach out and grab one. In fact, when she accidentally swipes and gets a hold of a toy, it startles her and she starts to whimper, as if to say, "Help! There is something that I'm touching and it won't let go of me!"
Micah turns three in a couple of weeks. In his mind, that means he is officially a Big Boy. He has declared his love for football and soccer and baseball and requested a cake with "all the balls in the whole wide world on it." No worries kid: I've already made such arrangements, thanks to some unparalleled talent from one of our College Group girls.

The dear child is independent. Very independent. He doesn't like help and he doesn't like being told what to do. In contrast to his older brother who was potty trained by 20 months, Micah has decided it's much more fun to use the potty when "I'm not busy, Mom." Unfortunately for him, willful defiance, even in this area, isn't tolerated too well in our home.

The other day the boys were fixing the hinges on every door upstairs. And by fixing, I mean hammering and screw-driving and wrenching and sawing each hinge. Micah suddenly ran downstairs and with great pride declared, "I'm very busy fixing things, Mom, but I have to go potty and I came to tell you right away!" He was in too big of a hurry to take off his work goggles and got very upset when I tried to do it.
Independent, I tell you, very independent.


  1. Wow. The goggles are hilarious!

  2. Such precious kiddoes you have! What a good job, Micah, interrupting play to go to the potty...way to go!
    And that sweet Annalyse, she is a joy & has the most precious smile!