Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book Review(s)

Because I've gotten several emails asking about books that I've read recently, I thought it was time to do another Book Review post. (Can I just say, it makes me kind of proud when I get emails asking things about my blog. That means someone is actually reading it. And I thought this was just a personal online journal...!)

First up: Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur. I read this book in late high school and it was recently re-released in its third edition. Grady was given a copy and brought it home a couple of months ago so I decided to reread it. Same content as several years ago and just as relevant and striking today.

In short, MacArthur "challenges seeker-sensitive, user-friendly, entertainment-oriented pragmatism that permeates the church today." Care about the direction of your church? Concerned about the vision of its leadership? Interested in knowing what attracts people to the Gospel? Read this book and take notes.
Next, Think by John Piper. This is a new release by Piper and, like all his books, it won't disappoint. Piper gives clear insight and direction on how to love God with all your mind. And, different from some of his books, it's not overly academic so it's easy to read and follow.

We often receive instruction on loving God with our emotions and our actions, but it's not too often we're told how to love God with our minds. In this book, Piper shows what proper Christian stewardship of the mind is all about.
And finally, for those that find fiction fun to read, the Newpointe 911 Series. It's not a secret: I don't enjoy fiction. But, when Annalyse was born I wanted something that didn't require me to think that I could read while laying low and recovering from surgery. 

I blew through the five books in this series in less than a month, and, I'll admit, they were actually somewhat entertaining. Terri Blackstock is a Christian fiction author who has received a lot of acclaim for her writing. Since I'm not usually involved with Christian fiction, I can't comment on anything else she's written and I can't compare her stories to other authors. But, if you're after some adventure and suspense that is centered around Christian values, this is a good series to consider.

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  1. so many little time! but i must say...i love reading, nice cuppa, and a fire! perfect winter pastime!