Sunday, December 19, 2010

Change In Plans

Our original Friday evening plans involved visiting the live nativity and enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride at the Billy Graham Library. We did this last year and had a great time and the boys were excited to go back and, according to Micah, "see the camels and Mawy wif Baby Jesus."

We ate an early dinner and left the house by 5:30pm so that we'd get there by 6:00pm and hopefully beat some of the crowds.


After waiting 15 minutes in line just to be told we needed to drive to another parking lot where we had to wait for a shuttle that would bring us back to the BG Library, we decided it wasn't worth the wait. An hour to an hour and a half wait to see some lights and animals didn't stack up to a basket of fun for us.

The boys were devastated. Crushed. Crying. "Why are we leaving Baby Jesus? I want to see the stable and the aannniimmaalllsss!" [Insert loud crying and huge crocodile tears from both boys.] 

Knowing that we couldn't just call it a night, we opted to go bowling instead. Grady mentioned the idea, and instantly the tears stopped and both boys were excitedly asking if they would get to wear "the funny shoes again." 

Whew-ee... problem solved! 

But wait. We've now been in the car for an hour and Annalyse begins to wail. Micah peeps up and says, "Annalyse made noises and has yuckies in her diaper." Grady pulls off into an office park parking lot and I hop out to make a quick diaper change

Both boys instantly panic. "Why are you stopping, Dad? This isn't the bowling place! You said we could go bowling. I want to go bowlinnnggggg!" [Insert more tears.]  

I just give myself props for changing a diaper at lighting speed in the front seat of the van.

Grady decides to blast the quietly-playing Christmas music to drown out the cries and we continue on toward the bowling lanes. This is when I look at him and say, with a smirk, "You really want six kids? Really?!"

Alas, we arrive at the bowling lanes and from that point on, the evening is full of laughs and smiles and good behavior and fun memories. 
Grady Lee actually hung right along with Grady in his score. Granted, he took use of the bumpers, but still.
Micah is a force to be reckoned with. Try as we may to coach him on how to roll the ball, he bowls to the beat of his own drum and does it his way. All I can suggest is that you stay free and clear of his path!
Annalyse, with a fresh diaper, was all smiles until she fell asleep.
It happened to be Disco Night and the boys thought the flashing colored lights and music were a riot. In between turns bowling, they danced and spun and laughed and looked ridiculous.
After bowling, Grady surprised us with an impromptu stop at Dunkin Donuts. A yummy and messy ending to a night that, although it didn't begin as planned, ended up being a wonderful evening of family fun.


  1. What a fun-filled night--complete with yummy doughnuts! Now that's MY kind of night!

    BTW...your new hair cut looks AWESOME!!

  2. Love it. Way to do what's best for your family!

  3. Good choice. We went to the BGL last year and it wasn't all that exciting! much more fun! And donuts...the best!

  4. I love it when the back-up plan is even more fun than the original...great save!! Love all of the pictures, isn't bowling with kids a total riot!!