Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Day number two of rain... what to do, what to do? The answer was unanimous when I asked my boys yesterday during lunch "what fun thing should we do tomorrow since it's supposed to rain again?" Without thought they both yelled "Chuck E Cheese!" 

I pulled out my coupon file (yes, I have a file for them), and found a coupon for the most annoying-to-adults-but-fun-for-kids place on earth. Lo and behold at Chuck E Cheese: buy a certain amount of tokens and get an equal amount free.

So, this morning, soon after breakfast, we headed out. First stop was Starbucks for the seasonal Peppermint Mocha, my all-time favorite. (And, big thanks to Juli for the gift card!) Second stop: Chuck E Cheese.

Since we were there early and since Thursday mornings aren't key birthday party times, we had the place almost to ourselves. There were a couple other moms with young boys there - no doubt doing the same I was to escape the confines of home and find a way to let little boys burn some energy. I really don't think I saw a little girl there all morning, just several boys. Probably because little girls sit nicely and play quietly with dolls and books, huh? (*Wink*Wink*)
Annalyse slept, as usual, and woke up just long enough to see a few flashing lights and hear a few loud noises before conking back to sleep again. If I wasn't busy maneuvering the stroller, I'd likely forget she was with us half the time.
After two hours all our tokens were used and we had a pile of tickets to trade in for cheap-made-in-China-trinkets. More squiggle straws, more stickers, more Tootsie Rolls... hooray.
And, for the record, my four-year old kicked my tail playing air hockey. How'd he get so good? But, I still hold the self-proclaimed title of Best Ski Ball Player. I dare you take me on. I even double dog dare you.


  1. What a great way to spend a rainy day!

  2. I am totally on for a Ski Ball Match and I have two boys to keep busy with yours so we can really go to town! So what is the prize for the winner? plastic flower ring, magic coin box, race car stickers...ohhh how about loser buys the peppermint lattes!

  3. You are totally a Rock Star Mom!

  4. if that is what little girls are supposed to do then i totally got ripped off :) -erica