Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't like Halloween on a Sunday. No real reason, I just don't. Maybe it was because my four-year old burst down the church hallways wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. Or maybe it was because my two-year old was devastated he couldn't wear his costume to Sunday school. Something about this just doesn't seem, um, hhmm... reverent?

Regardless, after a wonderful morning in church, we came home to change and enjoy our neighborhood Fall Festival. The boys were stoked to see a bounce house and couldn't climb inside fast enough. In typical Peeler Family style, my boys collided heads in less than seven minutes of jumping and Grady Lee ended up with a bloody nose. Grady had to clear everyone out, disinfect the entire thing, and I had to run home to get new clothes for a loudly-crying four-year old. Nice. 

(Remember the many times I've said that people cringe when they see our family approaching? This is just another reason why.)
There were games and prizes, but mostly the boys just wanted to jump - despite injury.
Annalyse sat and looked as cute as always, while neighbors oohed and aahhed over her. Good thing she sleeps through most of the attention that is lavished on her - otherwise she just may develop a Miss Priss attitude.
(I digress. Is there anything sweeter and cuter than teeny, tiny body parts? I love me some little fingers and toes!)
After loading up on caramel corn and candy, and after sufficiently tiring the boys out from non-stop jumping, we headed home to rest for a couple of hours before heading out for Trick-or-Treat. Oh my... those were a vveerryy long two hours for my anxious boys that wanted nothing more than to wear their costumes and hit the neighborhood for some candy!
Soon enough 6:30 pm rolled around and we decided it was considered dusk and headed out. My Dinosaur and Fireman were ready to roll in a moments notice.

Can you guess what Annalyse dressed up as? No, the bonnet does not mean Little Bo Peep. She was simply Little Miss Cuteness!
The boys had no fear and went door to door ringing the bell and yelling Trick or Treat. Micah often got confused and yelled, "Happy Halloween and Treats!"
And, as is her habit, Annalyse once again slept and missed out on the family adventures around the neighborhood. 
Halloween proved to be a great time to work on and develop some better manners. Although Grady Lee would always say thank you when handed a treat, he had no inhibitions about saying, "I would like two treats, please," or, "I don't like that one. Can I have another one, too?" And, he even went so far as to ring a doorbell, actually open the door, walk in, and ask for a treat. Be still my beating heart... where was his brazen boldness coming from? This came from my shy kid?!
When we got home, the boys dumped their loot and began the fury of bartering and exchanging candy. Poor Micah - not really understanding what was happening - agreed to most all of Grady Lee's trade demands. 
No sooner were the boys in bed for the night, and Grady and I had our hands rummaging through their buckets looking for some treats for ourselves. What they don't know won't hurt them, right?


  1. Looks like you all had a fun-filled Halloween! The boys looked so cute!

  2. Oh what fun - I can relate to the LONG wait to head out the door - boy were they excited! Micah should catch on next year re: the trading - we had some of that as well here :)

  3. Great pictures, Sarah. I was thrilled to finally meet Annalyse this past Sunday morning. Again, and verifying in these pictures, that she looks JUST LIKE Grady Lee. I remember when ours would go to the church fall festival and when they got home, Scott and I were the first ones to dig into their candy :)

  4. This family gets excited when we see the Peelers...we don't run! :-) Your boys are so stinkin cute!!! Glad you had a good time! And of course little sweet Annalyse was adorable too!!

  5. We love ALL of the adorable Peeler kids! Looks like you guys had such a fun Halloween! I love the photo of the boys with their faces to the netting of the bounce house, I'm guessing pre-collision! Annalyse is such a cutie & SO good! I totally have dibs on holding her next week at Bible study! And I agree with Kim, she looks just like Grady Lee, but of course in a pretty girlish way!