Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bye-Bye... and Hello Again

Tomorrow it will be time to say bye-bye to Nana. She's been here several days and has done her duty: entertained my boys and kept them alive. (And trust me, that is a tall order!) On top of that, she squeezed in some time to vacuum and dust and change all sheets... a big thank you for that!

The weather was beautiful this week so she was able to enjoy watching the boys by the lake, playing golf, playing football, running on the playground, and digging in the sand box. Dirty, stinky, sweaty boys every day meant baths for Nana every evening. Um, a big that you for that as well!

Nana and Grady Lee collected several clams - a couple that were still alive. Try as he may, Grady Lee just couldn't get them open.
Annalyse thoroughly enjoyed her first outing to the lake as well. Nothing says, "I'm content and happy" like a nice nap.
Micah, amazingly enough, didn't fall into the water, slip on leaves, or trip over tree roots this time. I think this is his first visit to the lake without injury. And no, I'm not exaggerating.
The sun was bright. The sky was blue. The temps were cool. The leaves were changing. Aahhh... Fall!
Bed time stories with Nana... even when I said, "Just one more story," it usually turned into at least a couple more stories before actually going to bed. Only Nana's can get away with that.
I interrupt this all-about-Nana post to announce: Grady Lee is one very proud big brother! Always ready to hold her. Always quick to tell me when she's crying. Always ready to blast the music on her bouncy seat. Always ready to crank her swing to it's highest level. And always, always ready to smother her in kisses.
This Baby Girl seems to roll with the flow, for now at least. She's coming out of her newborn sleepy phase and has fun periods of being awake and alert during the day. Knock on wood, but she's actually doing great at night. The last couple of nights have been fantastic.
Alrighty, back to talking about Nana.

Nana took us out to eat at Q'Doba- a favorite for everyone in our family. This was the first time I'd been in the car with all three kids (actually, my first time leaving the house since being discharged!) and it was a crazy sight to see three little people in three car seats all staring back at me.
Once again, Annalyse demonstrated her absolute joy for dinner out by napping the entire time.
The boys scarfed food down and kept asking why "Annawyse doesn't want any of my chips?" 
After dinner, we headed to the park for an evening walk. Nana walked with the boys collecting things for their nature buckets, while Grady and I walked ever-so-slowly behind them. After less than half of a lap around the park, I was tired and sore so we found the nearest bench and waited till the boys were done with their nature hunt.
Nana's brother Jim and SIL Jody were passing through the area en-route to Georgia and stopped by for a short visit. Annalyse had no idea that her Great Uncle and Aunt were oohing and aahing over her, but it was great to have them visit nonetheless.
So, as we say bye bye to Nana tomorrow... we gear up to say hello to Grandma again. She's coming back this weekend to help for a few more days. Wow, I'm one lucky, lucky girl to have a Mom and a MIL that will spend their days cleaning my house, running my errands, and caring for my (out of control) boys!

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  1. Sarah, what a blessing!!! between your mom & MIL, the sweet baby girl, one big brother who's ready to care & love his baby sister & one that is staying away from trouble... :-) so happy & encouraged to read your updates, hope you're recovering well & speedily. <3 ya from Chicago. :-)