Monday, September 6, 2010

The Stuff Long Weekends Are Made Of

Long weekends. Gotta love 'em!

Friday night we had several friends from our College Group over for ice-cream and games. And dancing. But I probably shouldn't say that since this was a church event. It just happened. There was nothing Grady or I could do to stop it. So, we sat back, laughed, and videoed it instead.

Saturday was spent at the pool: two hours in the morning and two hours after dinner. That was enough chlorine and sun and water to do me in for the season. Actually, I was ready to be done with pool season several weeks ago, but that's only because my largeness makes swimming unfun. (Yes, this former professional writer just used the word unfun.)

Saturday also had another interesting highlight: Grady Lee got a splinter in his toe. I have no doubt that it hurt, but I'm 100% positive it didn't merit the screaming and yelling and violent kicking that followed. Grady and I were kind of concerned the police may show up at our door because neighbors called to report on the suspected abuse happening in our home.

Thankfully, however, after Grady pinned the child down (and yes, I do mean this literally), I was able to use a needle and a tweezers to get the splinter out. Whew! This picture shows the "wood chip that was stuck in my toe," as Grady Lee would tell you. Wood chip... splinter... what's the difference.

And here is the recovering victim - being cuddled and consoled by his Daddy. Why is he naked and wrapped in a towel? Oh, well that's because amidst all the screaming and kicking he wet himself and the closest thing on hand was a kitchen towel. Bless his heart - he'll hate me for this someday, I'm sure.

Sunday was church and grilling and more swimming. (Yes, the above-mentioned child had since forgotten about his near-death experience with a wood chip in his toe.)

And today was, well, relaxing. We took a long walk in the woods and the boys began to gather acorns, a sure sign that Fall is indeed coming! I now have the great joy of anticipating acorns in my washing machine, displayed on my coffee table, swimming in the toilet bowl, and showing up in a myriad of other unpredictable locations.

While on our walk, Micah discovered a big stick, which he thought made an excellent vacuum. He spent a good ten minutes vacuuming the leaves and dirt on the sidewalk. (I think he has spent a tad too much time helping me clean. I hope this doesn't have life-long implications.)

After a bit more swimming, mowing the yard, and playing in the sandbox, the boys are now in bed and Grady and I are eating peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. *Sigh.*


  1. I love checking your blog and am so glad you had a good weekend...your boys are precious and I am sure they will make some amazing big brothers!

    Jenny Whitney

  2. I love that your Micah found a stick and used it as a vacuum, my Micah finds a stick and sees what (or worse) who he can fight with his "sword"! I think you should pray that this does have life-long implications, his future wife with thank you!

  3. Hmmm, wish I had some of that ice cream...sure sounds yummy! And it also sounds like a perfect weekend! I really do.not.tire of photos of your cute boys jumping & splashing at the pool, they really are adorable! And, admit it, you're going to miss those pool days a tiny bit ;-)
    I have to tell you that we have a son who shall not be named who also reacts to "injuries" in much the same way that Grady Lee reacted to the wood chip...and I thought girls were dramatic!
    Oh, and I think little Micah is going to make some sweet gal a very fine, vacuuming husband one day! Amen for long weekends!

  4. Long weekends are THE BEST and it looks like you all made the most of each moment, well, minus the splinter! OUCH!!! What a trooper!

  5. yah, he's probably going to hate you for that post and picture someday! but one again i'm laughing quite hard at your blog! i only wish my kiddos and yours could play together and we could share these stories in person. i bet they'd be even funnier! -erica