Friday, September 3, 2010

The Simple Things

The Simple Thing this week brought tears to my eyes. It also made me smile. And it also made me spin in the office and say a "Thank you Jesus!" too.

Promotion Sunday was a couple of weeks ago and my boys are now in new classes. Micah is in a new hallway with big kids and enjoys Bible story time and song time and craft time. He loves it.

Grady Lee is now on the second floor with the really big kids and wasn't so sure about it the first week. But, by week two he was an old-pro and ready to roll.

So, here's The Simple Thing: Grady and I received a card in the mail earlier this week from one of Grady Lee's prior Sunday school teachers. The card encouraged us that she "so enjoyed serving in Calvary's Children's Ministry with sweet Grady. He is such a joy and blessing. He was my helper and a true delight."

It's important to note, that this same teacher is the one who many months prior had the rough job of handling Grady Lee when he went crazy with a black crayon all over the classroom table. This is also the same teacher who many times prior had the frustrating task of asking the dear child to keep his hands to himself and sit quietly... and resorted to several time outs.

All this to say, she had many experiences where Grady Lee was less than obedient, less than pleasant, and less than lovable. Yet, she took the time to invest in him, to love him, and to pray for him. This, this is what brought tears to my eyes. This is a teacher not just serving with children as something she feels obligated to do, but as something that she takes seriously and commits to the Lord.

Her note continued and said, "I will continue to life him up before the Lord in prayer as he grows in Christ. I can't wait to see what God's plan is for Grady!"

Wow. This Simple Thing has blessed me beyond measure! I admire her care, concern, and thoughtfulness.

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  1. Sarah, that is so beautiful & brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing & encouragement to receive such a note from Grady Lee's teacher! I love when the body of Christ works in a way that lifts each other up!