Friday, September 24, 2010

The Simple Things

God, in his unexplainable goodness and grace and love, showered several Simple Things on my family this week. They may be Simple Things, but they're also permanent makers in my memory and heart.

A friend randomly showed up at Tuesday Bible study with a stack of little girl clothes. Her daughter outgrew them a while ago and she decided now was the time to finally purge her closet. She said she thought of me and wondered if I'd be interested. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not say no to hand-me-downs.

On Tuesday, another Bible study friend whispered in my ear that she remembers "how tiring the last week of pregnancy can be and I thought I'd make a pot roast and veggies for your family. Everything is here and in the fridge for you to take home after class. And, since there will probably be left-overs, I threw in a bag of tortillas and spicy tomatoes so you can make shredded beef tacos the next day." As I wiped tears out of my eyes, I didn't have anything to say. Thank you was completely insufficient.

Tuesday also had another big and unexpected Simple Thing. My table leader for Bible study met me after class and asked me to get my kids and pull up my van at the front of the church - she had something for me.

As I pulled up, I saw her lifting four bags of groceries and a cooler out of her car. She explained that as she was getting groceries last week, it dawned on her that although people will make dinners after the baby comes, no one will be there to help make lunches for my boys. She thought it would be helpful to pick up lots of lunch treats and foods that would be quick and easy for me to give the boys. Again, as I wiped tears out of my eyes, I didn't have anything to say. Thank you was completely insufficient.

And, as if four bags of groceries weren't enough, she pulled an enormous ham out of a cooler. "I just thought this would be an easy thing to toss in the oven and would provide meat for several different meals. Your family eats pork, right?" Goodness, even if we didn't eat pork I'd make my family start now! Her kind thoughtfulness was pure love. I was overwhelmed.

Used clothes, pre-made dinners, and groceries: the Simple Things that touched me this week.

Really though, this was the Body of Christ showing itself in beautiful and wonderful ways to me and my family. And the Body of Christ is no simple thing: it's a powerful group of people driven by God's Holy Spirit to encourage, love, serve, and bless others. What a privilege to call these precious people friends - and to call these precious people family.


  1. i teared up for you just reading about what amazing people you have around you. (but seriously, how could you not just love sarah :) what a blessing it is to be part of a body of believers who love and care for one another! -erica

  2. Aw, I'm wiping the tears out of my eyes over here! I'm SO glad that you were blessed this week with all of these wonderful gestures! The Body of Christ IS really amazing!

  3. That's awesome, Sarah! Those small things make such a huge difference! Inside and out! :-) Love you, sister!

  4. I'm crying, too! {And I never turn down hand-me-downs, either.} So glad that you are blessed with so many who love you and your family! It sure feels good, doesn't it?! And how exciting that your wait for baby girl is almost over. Blessings!!

  5. Yay yay yay!!! So proud of that body of Christ for acting like CHRIST! :-) God is making Himself known to you...letting you know...HE LOVES YOU!!! What a sweet sweet blessing!

  6. Ah...yes, being part of the body of Christ is amazing! Yes, God is in all things, even the "simple things"...I was just writing that in my blog this week.

  7. Wow, and there it is the beautiful picture of the body of Christ!! Gave me goose bumps and tears...also a kick in the pants on how I should be acting.