Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothin' Much

For the first time in several days I didn't have anything planned or scheduled for today. Nothing except Gopher Buddies, and that wasn't until this evening. At breakfast, I asked the boys what they wanted to do today. It was a loud, unanimous yell: "Walk in the woods and thrown stones in the lake!" So, off we went for a couple of hours.

They made a "leaf pile fort" and found some great "shooting sticks" to entertain themselves in this spot for a good half hour. The wonderful world of pretend adventure play with little boys!

They were ready to hike each trail in the park, but being that I was having mild contractions, I convinced them that a leisurely walk on the flat trail would be the most fun.

We came to some benches by the lake and both boys suggested it was time to take a rest. I couldn't have been happier. The problem, however, was that there were only two benches and both my boys insisted on laying down to rest. Because I was too tired to convince them they weren't being respectful to my "I'm-about-to-deliver-a-child" needs, I dropped to the soft grass and sprawled out in the sun.

The boys collected shells and stones and sticks and leaves and took turns throwing each thing into the water and, once again, guessing what would sink or float. I was still sprawled on the grass resting. I determined that if I could hear them talking and laughing and if no one was crying and there were no frantic splashes from the water, all was well.

When we came across some ducks, I was an immediate hero when I drew two pieces of bread out of my pocket. Granted, they were rather smooshed and crumbled, but the ducks didn't seem to mind. Good thing I was thinking ahead.

And now the day is almost done. They're at Gopher Buddies with Dad, and I'm debating between ice cream on the couch, running errands by myself, or taking a hot bath. What to do, what to do...?


  1. That doesn't sound like nothin' much to me! What a day & contractions, too!!!
    I am so glad you got an evening alone...I'm hoping you chose the ice cream & then the nice bath!!

  2. What a fun morning with your boys!

    How nice to have a few hours to yourself Wed. evening. I VOTE BATH!!!! What DID you do?

  3. You must live by a very nice park. That is so wonderful. You're making such wonderful memories with your boys. : )

  4. JEALOUS...the woods look so fun! You are super mom to even go for a walk when you feel the way you do! Praying those contractions bring our sweet Baby Peeler here soon!!!