Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Special Visit

Nana came to visit this past weekend, which meant I was able to rest while someone else played with my boys and even did a little bit of housework.

We spent a lot of time swimming - mostly it was just the boys showing off all their tricks to Nana and shrieking "Watch this!" over and over and over again.

After watching the boys show off all their tricks, Nana showed them a thing or two on the soccer field. (Seriously, how many Nana's are out kicking soccer balls?!)

We spent Saturday visiting Dan Nicholas Park. Great family place and very cheap entertainment. Nana treated the boys to a ride on the carousal.

We saw lots of animals from the woods and waters and farms of North Carolina. Micah's favorite was "the wacoon because he lives by us and eats our goldfish." (Last week we watched a raccoon eat goldfish cracker crumbs off of our deck. Micah thought it was beyond cool.) Grady Lee's favorite was the "deers that have tiny tails and run fast."

After lots of walking and animal-touching, we took a short train ride, which Grady Lee thought for sure was Thomas on the Island of Sodor. No one broke the sad news to him that it was a simple loop in the woods and Thomas was no where in sight.

Thanks, Nana, for making the long drive and playing with two non-stop boys. I know they had fun!

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful week & a nice respite for you as you prepare for baby GIRL! So glad you all enjoyed a nice visit!