Friday, August 20, 2010

The Simple Things

I was going to write that the Simple Thing I appreciated most this week was the fact that it's been over three weeks since I've changed a dirty diaper. But, knock on wood, Micah had other plans and decided to make a dirty mess... in his underwear and on the toy room floor. This did not qualify as a wonderful-be-thankful-for Simple Thing.

So, in other news, I had a friend call and ask if she could organize a few meals for me once the baby comes. That was music to my ears! Since Grady and I are not in a typical Adult Life Group, I was thinking we'd be out of luck in terms of meals brought to us. I'm thankful for the kindness of a friend to foresee that and offer to organize some meals. (A couple weeks of no cooking after a baby is really MUCH more than a Simple Thing!)

Another friend offered to be "on-call" in case Baby Girl decides to debut earlier than her September 28 c-section date. This Simple Thing was a sigh of relief since my family is a 12-hour drive away.

The Simple Things this week... friends who are thoughtful. Friends who care. Friends who reach out. What about you - what Simple Thing are you thankful for this week?

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