Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Science and Baseball

Science and baseball... what do these two things have in common? Absolutely nothing, but it's what we did today so it's what I'm writing about.

This morning the boys and I had some fun with fire and boiled eggs. Yes, my toddlers kind-of sort-of played with fire.

They laughed so hard when the match went out and the change in air type/pressure sucked the egg into the bottle. If you ask Grady why the egg went in the bottle after the fire went out but not before, he'll tell you, "because the fire made a gas to suck the egg inside really fast!" I love it - he's laughing while learning.

After going through a book of matches, I couldn't stand the smell anymore and called this little experiment quits. No worries, I've got a few more science tricks up my sleeve that we'll explore in the days ahead. And, one involves making plastic bags with liquid explode on the sidewalk outside. I can't wait to be "that" neighbor who gets the other neighbors to subtly peek through their blinds and look out.

After dinner, it was time for Grady's last softball game of the summer.

The boys enjoy the chance to run around with other kids and don't seem to notice that there is a game going on. And, most of the time I'm busy talking with friends too, and don't seem to notice there's a game going on. Poor Grady -he thinks we go to support and cheer him on. Should I tell him we all go because it means a couple of hours to hang out with friends?


  1. What fun! I'm going to have to try that one and I would love the instructions for the plasti bag explosion as well.

  2. Looks like a fun day! What a fun science experiement. I can't wait until your exploding bag and liquid one! Where did you find that bottle? It's perfect for that experiment. A and A would love that experiment too!