Thursday, August 12, 2010

I know I'm pregnant because...

- I walk to the mailbox and back and am completely winded.
- I carry a basket of laundry up the stairs and have to sit down when I reach the top because I'm out of breath.

- My toddler asks me why I'm "walking funny." Translation: Why are you waddling, Mom?
- My greatest desire right now is to wear a belt. And to sleep through the night. And to not make finding a restroom my number one priority wherever I go.
- I can't eat enough pizza or ice cream or baked goods. (Actually, that goes even when I'm not pregnant.) My innocent two-year old has even caught on that when the mixer starts up, he'll get a yummy lick if he comes running in time.

- I feel like my clothes are a rotating wardrobe of a few things I wear over and over and over.

Tired me listening to me complain? Just think, only 6 more weeks to go!

My boys made paper chains the other day so they can have a tangible countdown to their sister's arrival. They ask everyday if "it's Fall time and time for our sister to come out of your tummy yet?" My first instinct is to scream, "It's 99 degrees outside so NO, it's not Fall time!" but I manage to use self-control and calmly say, "No darling. It's not Fall time yet." (I might have clenched teeth, but my voice is still calm.)

I thought a visual of some sort would help them with the countdown. Each morning they rush into her room and rip off another link!


  1. You SO are NOT huge, Sarah:) But I know it is all in our own perspective and I understand how uncomfortable these last few weeks are:( You do look great though. I LOVE the paper chain idea, you creative mommy you:)

  2. You are the cutest.pregnant.lady.ever!! Hang in there, this heat is miserable & I have been praying for you!
    Love the pics of the boys in front of the paper chain, so cute!

  3. So precious! I love that your little boys are so excited to meet their sister! And thank you for reminding me what it's really like to be pregnant. :) By the way, you might just be the most beautiful and adorable pregnant momma I know!

  4. What a great idea to help them count down with you! I can't believe its only 6 more weeks- Sarah, you look AMAZING!!!!

  5. Great idea to give the boys a way to participate in the countdown! The last 6 weeks are definitely the longest. I will pray that it passes quickly for you. She is worth the wait, though!!! Blessings!

  6. i do have to echoe that Sarah, you're not that big, and you are one of the most adorable preggies i know...seriously & honestly, and i know i'm not trying to bribe you or anything...just telling the truth! you're amazing!!! <3 ;-) i can't believe it's just 6 more weeks, hang in there!

  7. I think our chains are pretty much the same length at this point! :-) Can't wait for this Baby to make her grand appearance!!! And honestly...belts are WAY over rated!!!